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Nov 19 , 2020



Rolex Watches doesn’t need an introduction? These watches have been a style statement for the riches and are another synonym for an expensive lifestyle. These heavy materials with heavy gems and stones have changed the way the rich people check their “time”. Rolex SA is a luxury watch brand from a Swiss manufacturer. The famous Rolex brand has two company slogans. The first one is -“A Crown for Every Achievement”, with this particular slogan Rolex wants to highlight the fact that it is a brand for only successful people. The crown on the watch symbolizes prestige and royalty and indicates that people who can afford Rolex in their life are usually in authoritative positions. The second slogan says - “Every Rolex tells a story”. The motto behind this slogan is to highlight successful individuals by telling their stories. Everybody dreams to own a “Rolex” in their lives but not everybody can’t afford it. This watch is a real achievement for one’s hard work and dedication.
Exotic Diamonds holds a great collection of these masterpiece watches. You can visit our store in San Antonio, Texas, or check out our huge collection of  Pre-owned Rolex watches. You might be wondering Why are Rolex watches so costly? What is so special about them? Is it because of some expensive parts or because of the studded diamonds? Let’s look at the reasons which can justify the mammoth price of this luxurious watch.


Time investment in each piece
Rolex takes almost a year to get final assemblies. Rolex believes in pure quality which is served with the finest hands during the making process of the watch. The company believes in gradual evolution which is reflected in its design. 

One of the major reasons why Rolex takes so much time is because each part of the watch is made in-house, most of the materials utilized in the making of this expensive watch are made in-house. They believe in improving the quality of the material which they use by experimenting with different materials. Each Rolex watch is carefully crafted with hands which is more time-consuming as compared to the watches produced by machines. But the result is worth the time invested.


Rolex’s science labs
Producing the finest pieces of watches, Rolex always needs to keep their hands tight, in the Research and Development Department, so that they don’t get outdated. For the same reason, Rolex has several different types of Professional science lab. The most interesting is the Rolex chemistry lab. What is it used for? Rolex chemistry lab is filled with trained and professional scientists, and their main aim is to develop and research for oils and lubricants that are used in the machines during the manufacturing process.


Use of unique and expensive steel
Rolex uses a unique type of steel which no other watch manufacturer uses. This particular stainless steel is known as 904L, in the year 2003 Rolex moved their complete steel production to 904L. 904L steel is more rust and corrosion resistant as compared to other steels, and also this steel can hold the polish well which is why all the Rolex watches are shiny and eye-catching. Another common question that arises is why don’t all other watch companies use 940L grade steel?

A very simple reason is that this grade of steel is a bit costly and much more complicated to machine as compared to other types of steel.
Now, that’s what makes the Rolex the toughest of all with the right amount of excellence and research.


Hand-assembled and tested
As discussed earlier all the Rolex watches are hand-assembled to perfection. We all know using machine assembling can be very easy and less time-consuming but it compromises the quality of the watch, which Rolex is strictly against so, what is the better way? Using hands. Yes, you heard it right!! Rolex believes in crafting each watch with hands. They believe in the trusted hands of the trained technician for assembling the watches delicately. Rolex uses the right balance between a human-hand and the machines for making its watches. That’s why each piece is a masterpiece in itself and time-consuming too.

Exclusive in-house gold making for watches
To preserve its craftsmanship, Rolex believes in making their own gold and platinum in-house. These precious metals are then used in various Rolex watches. Rolex transforms 24K gold into 18k yellow gold, white, or Rolex Everose Gold. As far as anybody can recall, Rolex is the only one who makes its gold. Hot flames are given continuously in large kilns which melts the metal which is then made into cases and bracelets. By making its own steel and gold. Rolex can easily monitor the quality of these products. It is believed that Rolex is the only watch company that makes its own gold and also has its own foundry.

High-standards gemologists
Rolex is the epitome of perfection and it indeed is made keeping this in mind. A team of geologists works round the clock to maintain the high standards of the Rolex watch. These specialists help in purchasing, testing, and setting up various materials on different models of Rolex watches.

Rolex guarantees you the superior qualities of diamonds as they use x-ray beams for the same. They hand-pick the gems for the watches and customize the stone-settings according to the look of the watch, this is one more reason Why Rolex watches are so expensive?


The technology used by Rolex
Rolex is very clear about the type of technology required in their watches. If it requires human hands then let humans do it. If it requires machine intervention then let the machine take over the task. They assign the work according to the nature and demand of the work. This is one of the unique qualities of the Rolex as they use both conventional and non-conventional ways to cultivate the most expensive watches. 


All the material is made exclusively in-house
We have already discussed that Rolex produces its own steel, gold, and platinum. But what is more astonishing here is that Rolex produces each and everything in-house, that is required in their watches. People who like to spend on luxury, invest in a Rolex watch and each dollar which they spend on it, is justified. From perpetual rotor to the dials of the watches, Rolex produces it all in-house.

Rolex is a name in luxury watches, which is justified with the above points. This watch is not just a plain watch it is more than that to people, it's like an experience. The efforts and materials which are used to create this beauty are extremely exclusive and mixed with other secrets makes it more mysterious yet wanting. It’s not costly just because of the brand name, it indeed has a lot of architecture involved in it, that makes it so expensive.
It takes one complete year for the brand to manufacture one watch. They believe that a watch is a masterpiece and it has to be crafted with utmost precision and care. For them, there is no shortcut.

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