Rolex buying guide

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Sep 10 , 2020

Rolex buying guide

Getting a Rolex watch isn’t that much of a headache with these useful tips. 

Planning to buy an expensive Rolex watch for yourself? Your excitement must’ve landed you on cloud 9, right? It’s a Rolex watch after all.  These marvelous wrist watches can drive anyone crazy. You can fall in love with them at the very first moment. The company’s name alone is enough to attract someone’s attention . It does the accurate job of blending style and function. They have a wide range of watches which can confuse anyone. Choosing between distinct varieties of such watches can even make the quick decision maker indecisive. Aren’t you sure what to buy? A watch that can fit all your expectations well. Don’t get confused, with these super amazing guiding tips you can get rid of all your insecurities and choose the best for yourself easily.


How to buy a pre owned Rolex? 

  • Decide the price range of the watch


    Rolex watches can start from 15000 bucks to lakhs. There are no better authentic and affordable watches in comparison to Rolex in the market, that’s what defines it. You firstly need to make your budget and establish the price range in which you seek the watch. It shouldn’t be too low that it may not fit any watch of your expectations. You should choose the range according to the variations and qualities you want in your wristwatch. Analyze rates of watches at various online platforms. You’ll be able to know the current price demand of your watch. Look for different sites that keep a tab on pre- owned stock of Rolex watches. 


  • Do you want a brand new watch or are you comfortable wearing a used one? 


    With the option to choose from the wide range of watches, Rolex also provides you the opportunity to grab a used watch. It’s sold at a lesser price, for sure. You don’t have to give a hefty sum of money for a polished watch which you could have otherwise given for an unpolished one. Ask yourself, can you tolerate the watch with some wear? If you can, and it fits you, you can surely go for a used watch. You always have the choice to buy a new unpolished watch if the idea doesn’t suit you. 



  • Frame the example of the Rolex you want and target it specifically

  • You cannot surely spend hours researching every available Rolex watch in the market. Can you compare the qualities and varieties of every watch? I surely cannot. Before buying a Rolex you must have had an idea or an image of your ideal watch, right? Use that idea and surf the internet accordingly. Find the most appropriate and matching watch and then target on researching the qualities and options in it. It will without any doubt make your purchase a lot easier and will also save a lot of your time. 



  • Know your seller before taking any further decision

  • We at Exotic diamonds understand that one cannot afford loss, particularly when it comes to buying something as luxurious as a Rolex watch. It’s better to know your seller first before you say yes to the purchase decision. The website you are purchasing from can even be fake. Beware of such frauds. Now, knowing the seller doesn’t necessarily mean digging about the past and motives of the seller or its website. So, just search more about any such websites or sellers and take feedback from its customers if possible. Do not get on the website of any fraudsters preferably, you can always buy it from a Rolex store.



  • Get sure of the outer appearance and condition

  • Any decision taken in haste can result in your own loss. Completely study the watch's external condition. Ask your seller to send you high resolution photographs of the product. Zoom into the images and clearly analyze the condition of that watch. Never hesitate to ask the seller questions about the watch because at the end it’s you who will be paying a hefty sum not him. You have to invest rightly. However, the best method to purchase a Rolex watch is always to see it in person and try it on before buying. 


  • Mechanical condition is also of major concern


    What are you going to do with a watch which has no good mechanical condition? It will be the same as buying tickets for a show which is going to end in 10 minutes. It’s not useful and will lead to wastage of money. We don’t want that for you. Demand the service record of the watch from the seller. If any service is done there would also be a receipt of the work done on that in the service center. Get that for your future help and preference. 

    The service that is done to the watch may vary from cleaned and lubed , Polished, Repairment, checked over, regulated etc. If the watch had gone through such services then you should verify if the products used in it aren’t fake. 

    Purchasing a fresh piece? 

    Walk inside any of your nearby Rolex stores and you’ll find yourself surrounded with uncountable watches. You are going to see these watches in a number of shapes, sizes, colors and styles. These varieties include women watches, men’s wear, sports watches, luxuries ranges and many more. These watches are mostly non negotiable. You will have to buy it at the price mentioned, it’s definitely a straight purchase. 


    Seek guarantee of whatsoever watch you buy

    Demanding a warranty of the watch purchased is never a bad idea. Especially when it comes to buying a product as precious as a Rolex watch, it’s a must. Rolex watches are the most demanded and famous range of watches of all time. The fashion of Rolex never loses its charm. It still serves its customers with the same warmth and pleasure as it did at the start. No customer is left unsatisfied with the product they get. This is its differentiating factor. Most importantly, just by wearing a Rolex watch you can feel a certain charisma about it. It has this power to attract anyone towards it. With the right purchase you can wonderfully style your wrist.