Top 10 Ways Of Styling Contemporary With Chains Sets

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Mar 03 , 2023

Top 10 Ways Of Styling Contemporary With Chains Sets

How can you call an outfit complete without jewelry? The joy of wearing your favorite jewelry and styling it in different ways is unmatched. It always ties the whole look together and reflects your personality as there is something personal and beautiful about it that makes us feel like we are radiating shine and charisma. Any boring outfit can be instantly amplified with the right kind of jewelry that gives you an effortless look that is put together and brings out the best in you.

Contemporary fashion is defined by self-expression and uniqueness and it can be topped with the right jewelry. How many of you have drawers filled with old jewelry that you don’t wear or forget about, or just don’t feel confident enough to pull the look together? Also sometimes you have so many options that you just cannot decide what to do with them. Well, we are here to give you 10 ways of styling with chain sets that are easy and smooth:

1] Accessorize to Compliment Your Clothing

When it comes to choosing the perfect chain to complement your outfit, consider adding Chino Link chains to your options. Chino Link chains are versatile and can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for various occasions. They add a touch of elegance to any outfit without overpowering your personal style. However, remember to keep in mind the texture and pattern of your clothes when pairing them with Chino Link chains. For instance, they would look great with a solid-colored silk blouse or a tailored blazer. With a little bit of thought and creativity, you can effortlessly match your Chino Link chain with your outfit and elevate your overall look.

2] Decide Where you Want the Focus to Be

When styling chain sets, you want the focus to be drawn on your neck area. To achieve that, make sure you compliment the necklace with some minimalistic earrings that are not too eye-catching and stand apart. Loud earrings can steal the spotlight from your chains and neck because they are mostly used to highlight your face.

The next step is to avoid wearing heavy bangles or rings, both with traditional and western outfits to make sure you are not distracting the eye from the focal point. A good old-fashioned watch can easily replace bangles because they complement chain sets beautifully, they complete the look without fighting for attention. Slender rings are all the rage these days, and for a good reason, they are enough to draw attention to your fingers without being loud and distracting.

Another pro tip is to use a cosmetic highlighter on your collarbones and neck to look vibrant and force the viewer to move their eyes to that region. It bounces off light beautifully and gives that glowing-from-within look that just makes it look more divine.

3] Create Layers

If you are struggling to decide on one type of chain, layering your chain sets is the perfect solution! Learning how to layer your necklace opens doors to multiple possibilities because now you can mix small and large chains to create an ensemble that is unique to you. The trick is to choose chains of different lengths that sit on your neck to varying heights so that every piece is visible and does not overcrowd and tangle with each other. It adds a certain depth to the outfit and prevents it from looking basic or boring.

The chains can be of different styles and widths as long as they go together. A splash of color can be just the thing you need to take it up a notch and make one piece stand apart while layering to add a little bit of character. A chunky link necklace while looking good on its own, looks better when paired with slender chains and small dangling charms.

4]  Match Your Necklace to Your Neckline

Unless it's a sentimental piece that you do not mind hidden under your clothing, your chains should be visible so that they can highlight your clothing. For instance, a long necklace will work great with higher-necked and crew-necked clothing, while low V-Necked outfits would complement a pendant sitting on your cleavage. A rounded necklace is good with a scoop or a rounded neckline, while chokers can do wonders on both square necklines and high necks.

A sweetheart neckline works best with an extra feminine touch that can be achieved by adding charms and semi-precious or precious stones to your chain. It not only adds a little bit of color and character, but it also adds a soft touch to your outfit.

5] Experiment with Different Metals

Gone are the days when you had to stick to the rules and match all your jewelry. It’s time for experimenting and styling different types of metals together. Why just stick to gold, silver, or rose gold when you can have the best of both worlds? Different textures and colors give that extra edge to a look which suggests that there was a considerable amount of effort that went into putting the whole thing together.

It's fun and bold without being too much on the eye. It's perfect to compliment outfits that have a little bit of everything in it too but also works wonders for seemingly plain outfits. It has something for everyone and saves you the trouble of having the perfect type of jewelry but in the wrong metal. Just balance it out with layers or other accessories and you are good to go.

6] Know Your Links

Chain link necklaces exude beauty and are perfect for adding glamour to your favorite outfit. They can be styled with business attire to exude confidence or dressed down with casual wear to elevate the basics. These necklaces come in various sizes, from subtle links that are barely visible to chunky links that stand out in every way possible. The choice of size depends on your personality and the look you want to achieve. Smaller links are perfect for a simpler, subtle approach, while chunkier necklaces are designed to draw attention and make a bold statement.

This modern take on a traditional piece of jewelry is a simple accessory that can be used in various ways. It adds life to your spring outfit, whether you're wearing a t-shirt, mini dress, blazer, denim top, neck scarf, turtleneck, or anything else you choose. It is a perfect jewelry piece to create a sleek and timeless aesthetic for the spring. For winter, it pairs perfectly with beige and darker tones, and the larger links are easily visible even beneath a puffy jacket or overcoat. When paired with a leather jacket and boots, it exudes a girl-boss vibe. A chain link necklace is a versatile piece that can be worn in many ways and is sure to add elegance and style to any outfit.


7] Don't be a Slave to Trends

It’s easier said than done. We all fall prey to trends now and then because we all want to move with time and be on top of our fashion game. But the important thing is that you can be fashionable without following the latest trends, you don’t have to do something just because everyone else is doing it. It’s always the perfect time to do you because if anything, it is unique.

Standing out from the crowd takes confidence, all you need to do is trust yourself and not feel ashamed to present yourself to the world. It can be a little difficult and make you question yourself, but you can never go wrong if you believe in it. So what if chunky jewelry is not your style? Go with slender chains and charms. And what’s the big deal if you want to wear your favorite gold chain with a silver dress, if you love it then don’t be bothered with what others have to say about it.

8] Pair It Up

A chain is just a start, you can pair it up with other accessories to really up your fashion game. Want to accessorize without removing focus from your chains? It’s easy to achieve by keeping the earrings simple but avoid going without them because the absence can sometimes give an incomplete look to the ensemble.

A trendy pair of sunglasses never hurt anyone they can be used strategically to compliment the jewelry with subtle hints of gold or silver. Is it just me or does everyone feel the need to wear something in their hands at all times? While bangles and bracelets are always there, they can sometimes be too distracting and it’s difficult to find something that goes together. And let’s all be honest, we are all done with the scrunchie as a bracelet trend, it’s cute but nothing beats looking like a total boss. 

This is where watches come to the rescue, we all have that one watch that goes with every look and ties everything together, for me it’s my classic Versace. It’s chic, timeless and when put together looks regal.

9] Personalise Your Chains

You can always add a personalized touch to your chains which will automatically make them even more special for you. This way you can control its length and thickness and it always gives you the option of adding a little bit of color to it. Engravings can add that extra emotional touch that will allow you to preserve a memory with it and seal your happy moments.

The personalized touch is not for anyone else but just for you, to give you that confidence and support when you need it. It is the kind of jewelry that is not just fashionable but also momentous. It is something that we might give to someone special or keep close to us to pass on to the next generation with a story attached to it. It can mean a lot to someone since it’s one of a kind and stands as a symbol of love and consideration.

10] Know When to Stop

While all these are great advice to amp up your ensemble you should always know when to stop. Layer it, go bold, experiment with colors and textures, and exert confidence, but make sure you are not overdoing it. Dressing up should look effortless and thoughtful and not chaotic. Too much jewelry can be too distracting and ruin the whole vibe and make you look gaudy or worse, pretentious.

If you are opting for big chunky link necklaces, make sure that the outfit is not too loud and the chain is not too crowded with charms and stones. Even if you are going for a lot of slender chains to create that tangled and messy look, make sure that it does not look like you went ahead and wore every piece of chain that you had just for the sake of a trend. They should look like they belong together, not just with each other, but also with the outfit.

Another great way to accessorize and elevate your outfit is by adding a stylish watch like a watch Versace to your jewelry collection. A watch is not only functional but also adds a touch of sophistication to your look. However, like any other piece of jewelry, you need to make sure that it complements your outfit and doesn't clash with other accessories. For instance, if you're wearing a chunky chain necklace, consider pairing it with a more delicate watch to balance out the look. The same goes for the color and style of the watch. Choose a watch that matches your personal style and the occasion. With the right combination of jewelry and a stylish watch like a Versace watch, you can take your outfit to the next level and make a fashion statement that is uniquely you. And don't be afraid to mix and match different pieces to create a unique and personalized look. Experiment with layering necklaces, stacking bracelets, and pairing your watch with different jewelry pieces to create a cohesive and fashionable ensemble. Just remember to keep it balanced and avoid overdoing it, as the key to a successful outfit is always in the details.