Top 10 Things You Must Know Before You Go Jewelry Shopping for Your Partner

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Feb 06 , 2023

Top 10 Things You Must Know Before You Go Jewelry Shopping for Your Partner

Jewelry and weddings go together like peanut butter and jelly. This is particularly true for Indian weddings, where jewelry is an important part of the bride's trousseau. Due to the wide variety of styles and patterns available on the market, choosing jewelry for your special day can be a bit intimidating, regardless of whether you want to have a lavish, conventional wedding or a small, modern one. It is crucial to concentrate on the quality of the diamonds in addition to classic patterns, which makes the process of buying extremely difficult. Men’s diamond earrings look classy and add a little glitter to your regular attire. Let's look at the top ten things you should think about before going shopping for bridal jewelry.


Plan Your Budget


We frequently overspend on weddings. Set a budget and do your best to stay within it. Beautiful jewelry does not have to be pricey. Focus on purchasing wearable items that can be worn frequently and are adaptable enough for both traditional and Indo-chic attire. Instead of following what your family and friends suggest, be true to your personal preferences. An excellent choice is to choose pieces that can be transformed into different styles, such as delicate necklaces that can be worn as bracelets or pendants.


You can even attempt remodeling family artifacts or trading in old gold to keep under your budget. Whether it is vintage jewelry that your great-grandmother passed down to you or your mother's favorite item that you grew up admiring, altering vintage jewelry is less expensive. Additionally, it includes your mother's priceless expression, which is unaffordable.


Look for high-quality gold


It's crucial to confirm the karat of the gold you're purchasing when investing. The amount of gold alloyed with other metals is indicated by the karat designation. A higher karatage means that more pure gold makes up the decoration.


It's also critical to determine if you have a metal allergy to any of the ones that make up the gold. Few women typically experience an allergic reaction to particular metals that causes the ornament to blacken, even if it is of high quality.


Purchase real diamonds and gemstones


Make sure to run your diamond through the 4 C's test when purchasing diamonds: cut, color, clarity, and carat. These criteria are used to grade and assess the value of diamonds. The diamonds can even be put through a fog test or a sandpaper test to determine their legitimacy.


Choose faceted gemstones that shine brilliantly under light if you're looking for gemstones. Be cautious of lab-created stones. These man-made stones are less expensive than natural stones, however, they are less clear and rare. Examine the stones closely using a magnifying glass to look for scratches and other flaws before making your purchase.


Asking the dealer about cleaning procedures and important considerations for preserving the ornament's luster is also a smart idea.

A diamond appears extremely different in many lighting situations, including daylight, fluorescent light, and spot illumination.


White spotlighting is a common technique used by jewelers to highlight a diamond's brightness and fire, making the majority of diamonds appear dazzling. However, most everyday settings don't have such dramatic lighting.


Make careful you test your diamond under typical lighting circumstances, such as in the sun or the shade outside, in an office setting with diffused fluorescent lighting, or a house with warm, diffused lighting. Be aware that while a diamond exhibits fire under incandescent lighting, it exhibits brightness under fluorescent lighting.


Consider buying jewelry online


The growth of online retail has made it possible to shop for jewelry from the comfort of your home. Rather than opting for traditional shopping methods, consider purchasing jewelry online. When shopping online, it's essential to choose pieces that come with a guarantee and are returnable. To ensure a safe transaction, look for a reputable and licensed jeweler. Reading the jeweler's website reviews can also provide insight into the quality of their products and services. To ensure a smooth purchase experience, be sure to review the details of the return policy, delivery timeframe, and refund process.


Decide on Jewellery Made to Order


Indian wedding traditions range widely. There are many different styles to pick from, ranging from sophisticated meenakari motifs to conventional temple designs. Custom-made jewelry that is customized to the individual tastes of the bride has become more popular as bridal jewelry is seen as less of an investment and more of a personal flair. Another widespread misperception is that bespoke jewelry is more expensive. This is untrue since jewelry purchased off the rack is made for large populations and has a built-in profit margin that is not present in artisan jewelry.


Concentrate on the Shape You Want


Knowing your significant other's preferences for diamond shapes will help you narrow down your search for the perfect engagement ring. Every cut, often referred to as a shape, has a different price per carat and is priced accordingly. Pear and marquise cuts are less expensive than round cuts. If the size is essential to you, choosing a different shape than the traditional round cut will allow you to purchase more carats for a lower price. Learn about ring cuts before going out to buy an engagement ring, and have one (or two) preferences in mind.


Pick a metal for the band


Traditionally, jewelry is made of platinum, silver, yellow, white, or white gold; but, in recent years, rose gold has developed as a chic, contemporary substitute. Despite having a similar appearance to silver, platinum is far more expensive because of its higher density (and is also rarer). Before choosing, be sure to take your lifestyle—as well as your money, of course—into account. Some metals scratch more easily than others. You should also consider whether or not you want stones put in the band.


Think about working with a jeweler directly


When compared to simply strolling into a store and choosing something, custom feels more special. These days, quality is more important than size, or a distinctive design like a rose cut. Additionally, many people are completely giving up on diamonds.


Be careful not to follow a trend


When it comes to choosing an engagement or wedding ring, the focus should be on finding the perfect match for your partner. The selected jewelry should serve as a timeless symbol of your love and commitment that will last a lifetime. To determine the right style for your partner, take a look at the jewelry they already wear. Are they partial to platinum or gold? Do they prefer bold and statement-making pieces, or do they have a preference for simple designs? When selecting a ring that they will wear daily for the rest of their lives, it's essential to consider their current fashion preferences.


Size is only important if you believe it is


Unless you believe it to be the most essential thing to your partner, you shouldn't live by the motto "go big or go home." Then consider your alternatives. It might be worth thinking about putting more focus on size and less on color and clarity.


Shopping for an engagement or wedding ring can be a daunting task. To make the process easier, consider reaching out to friends for help. You can ask recently engaged individuals for their recommended jewelers and seek the opinion of someone close to you and your fiancé, whose sense of style you admire. This person may have an idea of what your fiancé desires and may have shared it with that friend.


Try to avoid signing a contract with the jeweler, unlike the marriage commitment you hope to make. In the worst-case situation, you should be able to edit it if your intended doesn't like what you've come up with. You want your future husband to adore you and your jewelry for the rest of their life.