Top 10 Non Traditional Engagement Rings

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Mar 07 , 2023

Top 10 Non Traditional Engagement Rings

Choosing a ring for your fiance-to-be can be a difficult task. The ring needs to convey your emotions and with so many styles to choose from, it can often become tedious. But ‘classics’ are not for every couple. While traditional rings are timeless and elegant, they can often be restricted. If you are a couple that likes to do things a little differently and spice things up, then non-traditional rings are perfect for you.

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Stepping away from classic styles can be an ideal option for an edgy, modern, unique, and distinctive style that stands against expected jewelry fashion. Non- traditional rings are easier to personalize and can even be more budget-friendly depending on the overall design and style.

Here is a list of 10 different types of non-traditional rings that will be perfect for your partner:

1] Stacking Rings

They are delicate rings that are less bold than traditional rings but are stackable. A ring can be added to signify different milestones in a relationship like engagement, marriage, anniversary, pregnancy, promise, etc. they can be styled multiple ways to match different moods and can offer greater fashion flexibility. It can provide choices and can even make a statement.

Each ring can have its meaning and significance. Every one of them could be personalized to tell a story and can be engraved with words and dates.

They are available in all types of metals and stones. A little bit of color can add to the modern element and provide that extra edgy touch. They are usually daintier and not adorned by big diamonds which is why they can be more budget-friendly.

2] Toi ET Moi Rings

Toi Et Moi rings feature two equal center stones instead of a traditional single stone. They can be diamonds or gemstones or even semi-precious stones and rocks. They can either be matching stones or completely different stones to represent both individuals. They can be a fun way to represent each individual while also showing commitment and devotion.

Different stones can be chosen to match the eye color of both individuals in a relationship, this adds a deeper meaning to the selection of stone. Different stones can also be chosen to represent different personalities and interests while also highlighting the fact of how they work together.

3] Cocktail Rings

An oversized cocktail ring design is not for everyone. It's flamboyant and eye-catching, it's meant to make a statement and draw attention. It is a great option for those who love to be the center of attention and are not afraid to stand out. These rings are bold and emphatic which can complement outgoing personalities.

They can be a little less on the practical side considering engagement rings are meant to be worn every day, but they can be quite captivating if styled correctly. These rings don’t necessarily have to be big diamonds, they can also feature different stones, even colorful ones. Colorful rings work best if they complement your partner’s complexion and sense of style and add to their personality.

4] More Than Diamond

Moving beyond clean-cut diamonds can be a bold step but not an unusual one. Diamonds and birthstones are an integral part of the jewelry world which can make us forget that there are options beyond them. While buying engagement rings, you can explore other options like raw, uncut stones.

These uncut diamonds can be of different types like salt and pepper diamond, watermelon tourmaline, or other unusual gems.
All these options are unique in their way and can symbolize different things. They are comparatively less shiny and reflective which makes them ideal for daily wear. They complement shy and introverted personalities and are perfect for a subtle approach.

With the current technological developments, you can even customize the shape of lab-made diamonds. A jewelry store San Antonio Tx, is known for making unique diamonds and is most famous for its bull-shaped design. These unique shapes are perfect for gifting rings which stand for sun signs or astrological references.

Opting for a gold ring for your engagement can be a very good and practical choice. It is timeless and offers a huge range and scope for personalization. With different metals added to the gold alloy, shades of rose, green, red, blue, black, brown, or other shades can be created that can be a stunning choice. Rose gold offers a different style as compared to traditional yellow gold or white gold. It is less flashy than yellow gold and brighter than white gold. It offers that perfect in-between choice that goes well with varied skin complexions and compliments a variety of different styles. Other colors are perfect for adding a bold touch to your ring and creating something funky and playful.

5] East West Rings

Elongated shapes such as baguette, emerald, marquise, oval, or pearl are oriented parallel to the finger length in such rings. Choosing a perpendicular east-west orientation is a great way to instantly give and ring a non-traditional vibe and elevate it.

They are usually adjusted to the length of the finger to make sure that the ring is comfortable while also being longer than a traditional ring. They are statement pieces that can be adjusted to the person’s liking to make them more or less flashy. It can feature intricate designs or a mix of various colored gemstones to create a geometrical or personalized pattern.

6] Rainbow Rings and Bands

For those looking for a more unique and unconventional engagement ring, consider selecting a ring that features multiple colors or a band with graduated colors of gems that span the rainbow or create a gradient of a single hue. This style is perfect for those who want to have fun and experiment with different styles.

It provides a distinctive and personalized way of representing one's personality while sporting jewelry pieces that truly stand out. With a range of colorful options available, you can choose a ring that perfectly matches your style and taste, and make your engagement ring truly one-of-a-kind.

The selection of colors can be personalized and symbolize a deeper meaning or can be simply for the sake of fashion. This can be done in a band style, cluster, or halo with many stones.

They allow greater flexibility to play around with different metals and stones to find the one that best suits your partner’s personality. They are a perfect way to accessorize and add a little funk to your outfit. They can be a little challenging to style with everyday wear but are completely excusable because they stand as a symbol of commitment, not just fashion.

7] Themed Collection

These rings are very unconventional but perfect for those who are die-hard fans of movies and series. Iconic movies, books, and television shows have a way of influencing people in a way that makes them feel like a part of a community, many even consider themselves a part of the fandom.

These rings are a major success if both partners are mutually involved in the fandom and if it signifies something. They can also be a reference to the first movie date as a couple or a shared interest that started it all. They are also perfect if you are doing a themed wedding like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, Marvel Universe, Twilight, Star Wars, etc.

These rings can easily acquire a more casual approach towards things and have a little childish approach. But if you are both passionate about something, then go ahead and do it because, in the end, it is about you two as a couple and the things that brought you here, not about what everyone else might think or say.

8] Black Rings

These rings are slowly making their way into the latest jewelry trends and are being loved by the younger generations. Black diamonds or other stones like spinel or onyx are becoming very popular as a choice of engagement ring. While many people associate the color black with grief and darkness, historically speaking the black stone has been used to guard against evil or bring inner strength and power, which are important in a marriage. These black rings are perfect for those who do not prefer shiny and bold designs and like to keep things simple. They are not flashy and too much on the eye, and can be worn every day and looks good with every outfit.

Black rings are particularly popular among men these days because they are practical and subtle but also a symbol of commitment. They are not forced to step out of their comfort zone to say ‘I Do’, and can easily carry any style.

9] Mixed Metal Rings

Mixed metal rings are a way to embrace your creative side and embody intricate designs and styles. They are part of a relatively new trend that allows people to mix different metals and colors to their liking to create a unique design that signifies their relationship. Mixing gold with black or silver with yellow gold allows the colors and textures of different metals to pop up and create a statement piece.

Each metal can represent the personalities of the partners or their sense of style. It is a way of bringing different tones and textures together as a representation of tying two souls.

10] Preserved Rings

A creative way to seal your memories and moments in your ring and preserve them for a lifetime. These rings can be of any type or color and usually have a tiny piece of memento preserved in it. They can be dried flowers from the first date, the hair of a pet or a deceased close one, a broken piece of memorable souvenir that holds significance to the couple, etc. these are usually preserved in glass or other semi-precious stones that are transparent.

These rings hold extra emotional value and have stories attached to them. They can also stand as a reminder of all the beautiful times together with a promise of creating more of these moments.

While non-traditional rings can be a beautiful choice for any couple to convey their unique story and distinctive sense of style, they can also be a little challenging. They should be chosen with relevance and reference to the relationship and should not just be a random selection. Such rings may also get misinterpreted and lead to misunderstandings about the couple’s intentions or commitment.

Furthermore, these choices should be made with careful consideration to ensure that they would want these rings even if they go out of style and are longer considered trendy. To find the perfect, unconventional ring, keep some basic things in your mind to prevent going off the rails:

It should reflect what makes you and your partner unique.

Find out what makes your partner stand apart from the rest and then explore options to find something that is a clear representation of your partner’s personality.

The color of the gemstone should not be chosen at random. It should have more meaning than a fashion choice and complement your partner’s style and personality.

Choosing a non-traditional gemstone has never been the issue, but make sure you are choosing the right one. The size and color of the gemstone should be to your partner's liking and suit their general style.

Make sure that the meaning of the ring is easily conveyed and not overshadowed by other elements of the design.

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