Tips to Find the Best Online Jewelry Store

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Mar 06 , 2023

Tips to Find the Best Online Jewelry Store

The jewelry industry has been growing steadily and adapting with time. It’s now possible to purchase jewelry online. Online jewelry sales make up about 10% of the global jewelry market and these numbers are only going up. More and more people are finding it easier to shop online from the comfort of their homes, and this number grew dramatically during the pandemic as it became a necessity.

It is a fun experience, going out shopping with your friends or family and looking at all the pieces in person before making the purchase. It gives you the option of trying these pieces on and deciding whether they are going to be an addition to your wardrobe or not. However, it leaves you with limited options and can be a little tiring. Online shopping allows you to browse pieces from all over the world, compare prices, support small businesses, and find unique designs and independent designers. With the advancement in technology, you can even try on these pieces virtually to determine which one suits you better. And if you suffer from social anxiety, or feel pressured by the staff, then this is ideal for you. You will never run out of options to choose from, and you can look at thousands of pieces without wasting anyone's time.

Looking for the best place to buy a gold chain online can be daunting as there are many risks associated with online shopping. It can be challenging to find a jewelry store that fits your budget, values, and sense of style while ensuring that you get a good deal. However, don't worry, we have ten tips to help you find the best online jewelry store, including the best place to buy gold chain online.

1] Figure Out What You Need

The first step is to always make up your mind about the kind of jewelry you want. It can be a necklace, ring, pendant, bracelet, anklet, bangle, etc. Once you have your category decided, try to find a jewelry shop that specializes in those items and can offer a maximum number of options.

This way you will not waste your time trying to find that piece in stores that offer a limited range or do not have any options at all. It also gives you the liberty to compare prices and find an ideal deal.

2] Size

While sizing is not such a big problem when it comes to necklaces and pendants, they do matter a lot in rings and bracelets. You have to find the jewelry in your size to make sure that it does not slip off or get stuck.

If you do not know your exact size then you can just visit a nearby jewelry store to find it. If you buy a ring or a bigger bracelet, you will always be a little conscious, you’ll keep adjusting it back and making sure that it does not fall off. Smaller sizes in rings can be a little dangerous because they can block the blood flow and taking it off becomes a very difficult task. Smaller bracelets and bangles also have the same problem, but it is possible that won’t even slide on your wrist. it can be a waste of time and resources because you have to return it and wait for it to be delivered again. If it is a custom piece, then it is possible that the design could be altered or you’ll have to pay extra money.

So look for a website that has a wide size range available, and can customize your pieces if necessary. Some of them even provide a size chart that makes it easier for you to figure out the sizing at home, so if you can read it, then it becomes easier.

3] Product Specifications

Read the product specification thoroughly before placing the order. Check details like gem size, type of metal used, purity of the metal, gem quality, and product weight.

Pictures can be deceiving, they are clicked and photoshopped in a way to manipulate the customers. They highlight the best features to make them look desirable. They can look bigger and the designs could look different. If the site does not have specific information, then it is likely to be a fraud.

4] Product Warranty

Jewelry pieces, especially expensive ones, come with a warranty. Check the warranty before making commitments. They usually offer a warranty only for a limited period from the date of purchase.

Another benefit of online shopping is that you can compare the warranty on different sites to get a better deal. In this competitive era, many sites offer a lifetime warranty, even on smaller pieces, to attract customers.

5] Read The Product Review

The seller is always going to present their product in the best light to ensure that you buy it. They are not going to list down its shortcomings because it is bad for business.

People, however, give honest reviews. They write about their experience and often provide pictures. You can compare the two items to ensure that it is what you want. Sites that do not have a section for customer reviews are bound to be riskier. They are preventing their customers from communicating, which can mean that they are trying to hide something.

Try to buy pieces that have reviews. It is not a foolproof method because often these reviews are fabricated, and negative reviews are deleted. But it is not completely futile either because you can get some real insight into the quality of the product.

6] Hallmark and Jewelry Certification

ASG and GIA certifications are recognized worldwide. Ensure that the online retailer you are buying from, follows these standards and has the required papers to support their claim. Also, every country gives its proof of authentication, for example India has BIS, Bureau of Indian Standards that provides a certificate of authentication and a hallmark. So if you are buying jewelry online, look into the policies of your country and make sure that they are providing that guarantee too.

7] Return and Refund Policy

What if you purchase a product because it looks good in the picture or on the model. But when you try it, you feel like it does not compliment your complexion or your sense of style. You would want to return it, or get a refund.

That is why it is important to look at the return and refund policy. Go through the information thoroughly and double-check the terms and conditions. You should be fully aware of their policy before placing an order because you won’t be able to do anything later on. Many sites do not offer a refund policy, they give you credits or rewards that can be used in the future. It is not a sensible decision to buy online without the guarantee of a return or refund, because then you would be stuck with a product that you do not even like. considering how expensive jewelry is, it can be a waste of time.

8] Lifetime Exchange and Buyback Policy

Many retailers allow their customers to exchange any old products bought from their websites for new ones. It is not an essential policy, but it can be very convenient and beneficial. This way you can get rid of the pieces you longer wear or like, and get new ones without overspending.

It is especially ideal for more expensive items, this way you can purchase them without allowing your account to take a big hit.

Many stores offer a buyback policy. Through this policy, the retailers promise to buy back the jewelry purchased from them, for a predetermined price. Again, it is not a mandatory service, and not really an issue if purchasing online, but it is always better to have multiple securities.

9] Secured and Insured Shipping

Ensure that the website offers secured and insured shipping. If the order is prepaid, then it becomes all the more important because now the delivery person is not obliged to make sure that the package is delivered in the right hands. The pieces should be shipped in safe, tamper-proof and sturdy packaging to make sure that it does not get damaged along the way or swapped.

If the package looks like it has been tampered with, do not accept it and send it back. Ask for them to resend the order or refund it because of mismanagement.

10] Availability of Proper Customer Services

The online store should provide proper customer service. They should list out all the details that include phone number, email, working hours, and days. It ensures transparency and does not make the whole process one-sided. It provides an efficient system through which problems can be addressed, and doubts and queries can be handled.

If the website does not provide customer care services and does not list the number of independent retailers, then try to avoid making purchases from there. You would have no one to hold accountable, in case something goes wrong.

You could end up blaming the retailer, even if it was a shipment issue. You will find yourself in a position, where you will warn all your friends and family to not buy from that particular retailer, even if they are innocent and have no idea about the problems that you are facing.

Now you have a list of things to look out for when buying online jewelry. It will help you stay out of trouble, and make the jewelry-buying process pleasant for you, as it should be. Buying jewelry is fun and exciting, it should not be tainted by inconvenience and fraud. So make sure to take our advice, happy shopping!

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