The Plus Size Wedding Ring Guide

Simran Distvar

Jan 25 , 2023

The Plus Size Wedding Ring Guide

When choosing a wedding band, you should look for something breathtaking, that embodies your taste and your love for your future spouse, and fits your hands well. Of course, since weddings are pricey, you also want them to be reasonable. This can be a difficult chore for anyone, but plus-size brides (and grooms) may find it especially challenging because some retailers don't carry the larger ring sizes. It's always vital to keep in mind your budget while making decisions like this because the scarcity of those rings may drive up their price. Finding the ring you think you want only to discover that it is either hopelessly out of your price range or doesn't come in your size may be a big bummer.


You must determine the size of the ring you want before you can begin your search. Looking at fashions that can't be obtained in your size while going through hundreds of pages on a website is pointless. Additionally, a ring that is too small would make your hands look quite unsightly and unpleasant. Try using a cheap plastic ring sizer, which many internet retailers give for free, or visit one of the shops in the mall to get your ring size measured. To avoid forgetting it in the flurry of other wedding preparations, be sure to write it down. Even if you are aware of your ring size, it may be a good idea to let your fiancé know because he most likely has no idea. Additionally, if you reside in a warm climate, be aware that your fingers may swell slightly. It is preferable to purchase a slightly larger ring than a slightly smaller one. It is usually simple to make rings smaller, but much more difficult to make them larger.


Think carefully about the design of the ring you desire before worrying about the cost. Would you prefer a rose gold, gold, or silver ring? Would you want something elaborate and fancy, or something more traditional and straightforward? A single large diamond, diamonds scattered throughout, or none at all? How do you feel about colored gems like emeralds, sapphires, and black diamonds? Consider the fact that you will be wearing this piece of jewelry every day while making your choice, keeping in mind the other types of jewelry you typically wear. Which rings do you often choose to wear on your hands? If you don't typically wear rings and are unsure of what style suits you best, seek rings with wider bands, more striking patterns, or diamonds because these tend to look better on larger hands. If you are located in San Antonio, Texas, you can find affordable fine jewelry, engagement rings and personalised jewellery, and jewelry repair. Celebrate your love story with an engagement ring designed to fit the loved one, and discover a wide range of San Antonio engagement rings that tell your individual love story.


Plus Size Rings:


Plus-size rings are made to suit larger finger sizes that are greater than the standard sizes offered. Regular sizes are accommodated by many jewelers. As a result, customers seeking larger ring sizes receive less attention. The bulk of Serendipity Diamonds' plus-size wedding bands is sized above Z. The majority of plus-size wedding rings are built to order and priced individually.


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How to buy Plus Size Rings:


Whether you're hunting on the high street or want a custom band, it can be challenging to find large-size or plus-size wedding or engagement rings. The majority of jewelers only provide standard sizes, which can be upsetting if you find something you want but can't get it in your size.


Therefore, the first step is to accurately measure your ring finger. You can do this by going to your local jewelry store and having your finger measured. Once you have your size, keep in mind that if you want a wider band, you might need to get one size up. Because certain rings cannot be altered once they have been produced and paper ring sizers that you print off the internet are not as precise.


Guide to design your Plus Size Rings:


1. Pick out more Finger Coverage:

Larger fingers go best with larger stones. Smaller stones may disappear against your finger, whilst larger stones may make your finger appear smaller and more proportionate with greater finger covering.


The weight of rose-cut stones and diamond slices is distributed along the stone's breadth (what you see), rather than its depth (which is usually hidden). If you're on a tight budget, here are quick ways to increase finger coverage. Rose-cut gemstones are lighter on the underside or reverse of the stone. Therefore, for your money, you receive more finger coverage. Opal is an unusual and wild gemstone. Opal can make a statement ring on its own because of its sparkling fire play.


2. Choose stones with an oval, marquise, rectangular, or pear shape.

Ensure that the angles point upward. No matter which shapes you go with—oval, marquise, pear, or rectangular—facing the stones vertically as opposed to horizontally will draw attention to the vertical length of your finger. Your finger will appear longer and slimmer as a result of this. Your finger can appear slimmer if it has an emerald cut with striped lanes along its sides. There are many different hues in these hexagonal diamonds. Choose a width that isn't too narrow for your finger, opt for an extended hexagon form, and have it point upward to stretch your finger. Another declarative phrase is worthy of poetic elaboration! Select an oval or pear-shaped cut, and go for a stone rather than a carat. The opposing color will stand out more when the stones are larger. To make your gemstone stand out even more, choose a prong setting.


3. Avoid Round Stones:


Round stones can give your appearance a heavier appearance, yet it's not a full no-go. There are numerous methods to get around this if you enjoy spherical stones.


Instead of employing a bezel setting, which brings the stone closer to your finger, choose stones with a greater diameter (for the finger coverage)


For added sparkle and pzazz, add side stones (or a satellite diamond for an opal ring or diamond slice band).


Add a nested band with a V form. Your finger will appear longer since the tip of the V will draw attention vertically along it.


Round stones are known for their feminine look, and oval and marquise cuts are slim possibilities.


These rose-cut sapphires say volumes, so you can keep the ring itself simple if you enjoy minimalist designs. Even with the doming effect of their rose cut, these Montana sapphires included, smooth, asymmetric shapes that provide just the right amount of finger covering to prevent appearing bulky. an added benefit: is responsibly sourced. Diamond slices' older sibling is the Polki diamonds. They have hand-cut edges that are irregular and rough, making them a good contrast to round stones. If you are looking for unique and exotic jewelry, these rose-cut sapphires and Polki diamonds are perfect choices. They are not only beautiful and elegant, but also responsibly sourced, making them a great addition to any exotic jewelry collection.


4. Setting the prongs improves your ring game:


Any added leverage for your stone can assist give your finger more depth. Your stone can be placed in prongs to accomplish this, or an open bezel setting, with its extended shoulders, can work if you want to prevent snagging or require a bit extra protection for daily wear. Your gemstone will appear more prominent by being elevated over your finger, giving it the focal point, it rightfully deserves to be.


Did you know that one of the earliest methods of cutting is the rose cut? It is also the reason why it flickers like candlelight and has more shimmer than brilliance. If you enjoy rose-cut diamonds, a prong setting will enhance their youthful appearance. Searching for a modern ring with a heritage? You now have it. Diamonds with brilliant cuts seem to be made to sit on thrones! To increase finger coverage, choose larger stones. With larger stones, you have more freedom to experiment with the size and placement of the claws, giving the piece more sass and character.


5. Play it up by stacking them or using a nesting band:


The more, the happier we are. Even if you feel like you've gone "too far," larger fingers give you more room to maneuver and let you avoid seeming "too much." All of this work draws attention away from the finger and toward the ring itself, enhancing the whole design's prominence on your finger. Nesting rings emphasize the contour of the primary stone, giving the piece a more daring and elegant appearance. If you want to wear all of your delicate rings at once, stack them.


This V-shaped nesting band helps reduce the "weight" on your finger for an instant slimming effect. Any gemstone form would do if you find yourself wondering which gemstone shapes are best to meet its steep slope. This V-shaped nesting band will make your ring party more exciting whether you want to wear a spectacular round-cut diamond or a kite diamond. This delicate nested band can appear seamless if you have a large diamond ring and want a broader band to match.