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Mar 15 , 2024



Do you want to know how those stylish folks on Instagram layer their jewelry pieces? Keep reading to learn the pros' secrets to layering jewelry.

Marilyn Monroe once said that famous phrase, "diamonds are a girl's best friend", but that sentiment applies to all jewelry and adornment.

We love jewelry because it enhances our natural beauty while showing off man-made beauty as well. It's also fun to mix and match the jewelry we have collected over the years to create new, fun looks.

Layering jewelry is one way to keep all your favorite jewelry pieces fresh and fun to wear.

Layered jewelry is here to stay, so it's time to embrace it and try new things to learn what looks work for you.

Read on to learn seven of the best layering jewelry tips so you can try it for yourself today.

1. Pick One and Stick With It

Embrace the spirit of the layered jewelry look without overwhelming your outfit.

If you choose to layer your necklaces it may overload your outfit to also add layered bracelets and rings. You want your layered masterpiece to be the focal point of your accessories, to let it shine.

Wearing too much of everything will weigh your look down. This does not mean, however, that you should not wear other kinds of jewelry when you layer your necklaces. You can definitely still wear other kinds of jewelry!

The key to wearing all the jewelry you want without ruining your look is to be picky. If you're wearing a stack of layered bracelets, pick a simple chain necklace to go with it and one or two rings to wear.

2. Length Matters

The number one rule for successfully layering necklaces is to choose necklaces of different lengths. This is important because if you choose pieces that are a similar length they will bunch up on your neck, appear bulky, and be unflattering.

The basic way to layer necklaces is to start with a shorter chain. You can opt to start with a choker or a short chain, and it helps to invest in necklaces with adjustable lengths as well.

The next necklace should be longer than your first without being too much longer.

Layered necklaces look best when there is cohesion between the lengths. Wearing one short necklace and one long one will look strange and almost like an accident.

Your length layers should be somewhat close to each other while still leaving enough space that each necklace is clearly on display.

3. Incorporate Variety

One of the most fun things about playing with layered jewelry ideas is mixing and matching different designs, prints, and styles! Silver layered jewelry is timeless, but long gone are the days of only wearing silver with silver, or gold with gold.

There is a way to mix all your different styles of jewelry without your look becoming dragged down with accessories.

For instance, if you have a chunky silver cuff bracelet you can stack thinner bracelets to wear with it. You can add a simple silver bangle and a silver chain bracelet. Even though they are all different, they will create a textured, chic look.

You can take a statement piece, like this moonstone bolo necklace, and layer it with different, shorter necklaces.

You can pair it with a choker featuring small charms and a medium-length necklace featuring a decorative stone to create a fashion-forward, celestial look.

4. Tie It All Together

The trick to wearing layered jewelry along with other pieces is to bind them together with one common element.

For example, if you layer necklaces and your statement piece features pearls, it will pull your look together to feature some pearls in your other pieces. Find a beautiful pearl ring, like this freshwater pearl Bali ring, and choose earrings featuring small pearls.

This way you will be getting the most out of your jewelry without overwhelming your outfit.

5. Don't Be Afraid of Color

Color is your friend when it comes to jewelry. Simple silver and gold is always a classic look, but it's always a good idea to break out of your shell and be bold.

If you hesitate to use too much color, start small. Pick a central item of gold or silver jewelry and build pops of color around it.

If your central piece is a chunky gold chain you can take your look to the next level by pairing it with thin red and green fabric necklaces.

If you're ready to dive fully into color, you can pick a bold main item, like a pastel green necklace. Pair this with pastel yellow and blue necklaces of various lengths for a brunch-ready look.

6. Through Thick and Thin

Just as length is important, the width of your jewelry pieces matters when it comes to layering.

Every woman should have a few pieces of chunky jewelry in her accessories. That does not mean they should always be worn together!

Chunky jewelry will create a bulging effect when worn together, especially if worn on the same body part, like around your neck or your wrist.

Make sure to wear jewelry of varying thicknesses when you're layering them together.

7. Experiment

The number one rule of trying a layered jewelry style? Throw out all the rules.

It's a good idea to follow tips and tricks when it comes to trying something new, but at some point, it's fun to throw out the rulebook and experiment with fleshing out our personal style.

Some of the most fashionable people in the world earned their reputation by taking risks, wearing items no one else dares to, and even by making mistakes.

Do what feels right to you and hone in on your instincts.

Start Layering Jewelry Today

It's never too late to get in on the fun trend of layering jewelry! Follow these tips and start experimenting with all your favorite jewelry pieces.

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