How to Create The Perfect Stack With Gold Rings and Bracelets

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Feb 14 , 2023

How to Create The Perfect Stack With Gold Rings and Bracelets

The old saying that less is more does not apply in the jewelry world when it comes to jewelry ‘the more the merrier’ is much more appropriate. The latest jewelry trends revolve around stackable pieces that can be molded into every style. It does not matter whether you love vintage, edgy, minimalist, bohemian, or faerie core styles, these stackable pieces are for everyone. Stacking is a great way to wear multiple pieces together, add glam to every outfit, and transition from boring to playful.


It essentially means layering two or more pieces of jewelry to create a unique look. It was among the top trends of 2018 and is still going strong. It is a perfect way to express your creative side and flaunt your style and personality. It suits almost every aesthetic and is extremely simple to coordinate with different outfits.


It is not that difficult to follow this trend and once you figure out how to do it, there’s not much that can ruin your look. But stacking does not mean wearing every piece of jewelry in your closet, it is about wearing the right kind to match your outfit. So here are a few guidelines that will help you layer your rings and bracelets:


1] Pick a Focal Point


When it comes to styling a perfect bracelet set, it is important to pick a focal point. The rest of the bracelets can act as accents to create a varied look. Based on your outfit, pick out a piece on which you would like to put emphasis. It could be the same color as your dress or could be a contrasting piece. The rest of the bracelets are to be chosen in such a way that they do not steal the spotlight from the feature jewelry piece, yet add to the look.


This type of look is designed to make a statement and attract attention. These feature bracelets are usually chunkier or funky pieces that are meant to stand out from the rest. A similar effect can also be created with rings.


Choose a ring on which you would like all the focus to be. And then pick daintier and more minimalistic pieces to add the look without making your fingers look overcrowded. Wearing two statement rings in the same hand can backfire, it can give off chaotic vibes and can also become a little uncomfortable. This way, both the statement pieces will be fighting for attention and none will be able to grab it successfully.


You can also create your watch as the focal point and wear different chains and bracelets around it to create a layered look. Men can style their expensive watches with diamond tennis bracelet mens to keep up that look of effortlessness and casualness. Tennis bracelets for men are ideal for adding bling and shine to the outfit without looking gaudy.


They are practical and easy on the eyes, they are not usually designed to catch too much attention and can be styled casually or for evening wear.  While styling with a watch, make sure that it compliments the look as well as other jewelry pieces. The watch should also sit firmly on your wrist or it would just end up hiding other pieces or getting tangled up. The end goal is to always balance these pieces so they all work together seamlessly.


2] Mix Materials


Gone are the times when it was a rule to match all your metals and mixing different textures and colors was considered a fashion crime. The twenty-first century is all about experimentation and self-expression. It grants you greater freedom to mix and match different pieces to create a desired look even if they are made of different materials.


Mixing materials and textures can make your stack look more visually appealing and unique. It will portray your creative side and allow you to control your narrative. Pairing up rose gold with silver, yellow gold with beads, or diamond pieces with pearls may sound unconventional, but if done right, can look exceptional together. The first step in achieving this look is to unlearn all the rules and start with what you would like.


The next step is to put different pieces together and try to make them work with the outfit. Mixing textures ad colors are fun, but only as long as you know when to stop. When you start feeling like the textures are clashing or the colors are being too loud, take a few steps back and try to figure out where you went wrong and try to balance different elements together.


To create a more casual look, you can pair a colorful piece with leather bracelets. If you want something more elegant and classic, pair up white or rose gold with diamonds in rings or bracelets. Pearls and black bracelets create a perfect yin-yang look that can add depth to your outfit. When it comes to rings, stack multiple rings on one finger and keep the rest bare, or stack multiple dainty rings on just one hand while wearing a statement piece on the other hand.


3] Include Various Sizes


Prevent your stack from looking monotonous by incorporating various sizes. It is a great way to add volume and movement to your stack and make it look like it was well thought out. You can pair up a few broad bangles or bracelets with dainty chains or charm bracelets to create the variation.


The broader pieces usually grab more attention, so it is important to make sure that they complement your outfit. The rest of the pieces can be mismatched. Sticking to just one size can make your stack look conventional and unoriginal. When you play with different widths and sizes, you get to experiment more and create statement combinations that will be unique to you. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to know when some pieces work together and when they do not.


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4] Play With Colors


Never be afraid of colors when it comes to jewelry or styling. They have immense power to make or break your outfit. They can elevate any ensemble from boring to funky within a matter of seconds. You can use gemstones, precious or semi-precious stones, crystals, beads, shells, etc. They are ideal for creating statement looks that are bound to turn heads. 


The trick is to pair up colors that work together with each other and with the outfit as well. You can always take the help of a color wheel if you are feeling confused. Warm colors complement dark skin tones while cool colors work well with lighter skin tones.


You can also wear different colored stones based on your sun signs and astrological signs. It can be a fun way to express your identity while also creating interesting fashion looks. You can personalize your jewelry pieces by choosing colors that match the color of your iris or the color of your partner’s eyes, this way you can add sentimental value to these pieces.


5] Look for Inspiration


Find your inspiration and try to work around that idea to create your ideal look. You do not have to copy them or try to find the exact pieces to complete your outfit, you have to simply find your aesthetic.


If you want to create an edgy look, pair up leather bracelets with spiked silver bracelets or chunky gold link bracelets. For the rings, you can wear multiple broad rings in gold or silver, with an occasional black ring or engraved piece. To create a more whimsical effect, pair up several dangling bracelets with wrap-around bracelets and dainty bangles to create a layered effect with a lot of movement.


You can add tiny charms of leaves or flowers to add to the drama. The rings can be of various floral designs and in different colors but should follow a common theme. Whether you want to follow a pastel theme or a more vibrant color scheme, completely depends on your choice of clothes and your sense of style.


The color and silhouettes of your clothes can provide some basic inspiration that you can follow. You can also accessorize in contrast to your outfit to create a diverging look that somehow looks put together. For example, you can pair edgy jewelry pieces with a floral summer dress and balance it out with a leather belt and gum boots, and smoky makeup. This way you can challenge conventional ways of styling and prove your creative skills by making opposite aesthetics work together.


6] Prioritize Comfort


As fun as it is to layer different pieces of jewelry, it is also important to create a practical look. If your job involves a lot of typing, then try to avoid wearing too many chunky pieces because it can hinder your productivity. If you are a dancer or a gymnast, do not wear dangling bracelets or statement rings because they can easily get stuck and create problems.


Use rings and bracelets on your non-dominant arm to make sure that they do not get in the way of your work. You can always remove some pieces while working and store them away carefully to be worn afterward. Stacking does not usually pose a problem while styling for evening parties and special dinners so feel free to go all out then.


Cracking the stacking code is not that hard. Once you figure things out, it’s a smooth journey from there onwards. Following these basic guidelines can assist you in your styling journey and can provide you with a starting point. If you are new to the jewelry styling game, then start small and from the basics. Begin with rings and then move on to bracelets. Do not overdo things by trying to manage rings and bracelets at the same time.


If you want the focus to be on your wrist, then keep your rings minimal, and don’t go for too loud, statement rings. If you want the focus to be on your fingers, then wear a simple dainty bracelet or bangle to allow all the attention to go directly to your hands.


Do not stop experimenting. Even if you have found a style that works with your personality, change things up now and then to break the monotony. You can end up liking the change, and even if you don’t, you can always go back to your original style.


Life is too short to stick to one trend, and you will never find something better if you become stubborn. Follow these trends on your terms and modify them to suit your sense of style. And if you like things a certain way, then don’t be afraid to present yourself to the world, who knows, you can end up starting a new trend.