Different Types of Watches for Men

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Mar 04 , 2023

Different Types of Watches for Men

When it comes to choosing a watch to complement your gold jewelry San Antonio, there are even more options to consider. Gold watches are a timeless and luxurious choice that can add a touch of glamour to any outfit. Whether you prefer a classic yellow gold or a more modern rose gold, there are a variety of styles and designs available to suit your taste.

From delicate and feminine watches with slim bands and small faces, to bold and chunky statement pieces with oversized faces and intricate detailing, there's a gold watch out there for everyone. So why not add a touch of elegance to your everyday look with a stunning gold watch from San Antonio's selection of luxury timepieces? So we created a list of 12 different types of watches to help you find your style and find that perfect timepiece:

1] Dres's Watch

Dress watches are defined by leather bands, minimalistic markings, cases made from precious metals{ gold, silver, platinum, titanium}, a small crown, and a thin case. They are elegant and stylish and compliments formal suits beautifully.

It is made to give that finishing touch to your outfit and is ideal for special occasions. They are extremely delicate and can be passed on to the future generation as a precious heirlooms.

It's ideal for when you do not want to experiment too much with your outfit but still want to look well put together. They are easy to style with casual as well as formal wear and can also be used as an everyday watch depending on your sense of style.

2] SmartWatch

The latest tech trends are defined by smartwatches. Everyone seems to be wearing one these days and not just because it is multipurpose but also because it's stylish and seems to work with every outfit. These have a LED/LCD Display paired with rubber bands. They run on lithium-ion batteries and have all the functions of a computer. It has Bluetooth, it can read your messages and e-mails, play music, view gallery, answer calls, tell your vitals, and count steps, and oh! It also tells time.

They are extremely user-friendly and exude luxury with their functionality. They are a long-term investment and make you look cool when you manage to make things happen with your watch. They add to your personality and highlight your youthfulness.

They also come in handy if you find yourself in difficult situations, they have an emergency button that instantly sends a text message to your close members and you can contact the nearest authorities without bringing much attention to yourself. 

3] Digital Watches

Digital watches display time in digits, instead of the traditional clock hands. They have metal or rubber bands and use backlight LED illumination. Digital watches managed to redefine time, and their modish and stately design works great with casual and athletic wear. These watches are quick and reliable and run on electric power. They emanate a certain vibe of being always on the go, and sporty and flaunt a tech-savvy personality.

They became very popular when they first came out and could be seen everywhere, their popularity died down over time as they were replaced by smartwatches, but they still hold that command over the market because of their unique style. They are slowly making their way back into the cool list by becoming a part of a GenZ trend that is bringing back the originals. It is certainly something that will help you make a statement if you are a part of the GenZ or millennial group.

4] Analog Watches

They are traditional and the original Watches that started it all. They are still widely in use with their display being sophisticated and classy. The dials in these types of watches are simple and professional with numbers written either numerically or in roman numeral form. They have those three hands for reading time.

They are for all the old souls out there who firmly believe in the saying that old is gold. It gives off that vintage and mysterious vibe that can add character to your outfit. It can be styled with casual wear and can also be dressed up for a nice evening out.

These particular gold timepieces became very famous in the 90s and have history attached to them. You can easily spot them in your parent's watch collection or their old photographs.

5] Tactile Watches

Tactile watches are designed to enable individuals who are visually impaired to tell the time without having to look at the watch's face. These watches use a variety of methods to make time-telling efficient and accurate.

One type of tactile watch is the braille watch. Braille watches have raised dots on the watch face that correspond to the numbers on a clock face. This allows individuals who are proficient in braille to easily tell the time.

Another type of tactile watch uses raised markers or dots on the watch's face that can be felt with the fingers. This is useful for individuals who are not proficient in braille but still need to tell the time through touch.

Some tactile watches also have a retractable cover that can be lifted to feel the hands and tell the time. This is helpful for individuals who have limited mobility or dexterity in their fingers.

Tactile watches are important for people who are visually impaired or have other disabilities as they provide a sense of independence and allow individuals to tell the time without having to rely on someone else. However, there is still a lack of awareness about these devices, and more needs to be done to educate people about their benefits.

Although they are made for a niche group of people, it is important to know about their existence so we can help those around us. A simple act of telling time by themselves can provide people with a sense of independence and confidence and not make them feel like they need to depend on someone else for basic things.


6] Luxury Watches


Luxury watches are a status symbol of their own. They are collectibles and grand in their experience and feel. Emblazoned with precious stones and metals, sleek style, and effortless looks, these watches exert poise and grace. They are made by exceptional watchmakers who have earned their titles over the years.

These watches are coveted in the fashion world and speak for their reputation. They are exclusive in their look and feel and add that expensive touch to your ensemble. They can elevate every outfit and add a classy touch to things.

If you're a man who enjoys the finer things in life and wants a watch that's truly exceptional, consider investing in a Rolex diamond watch. These stunning timepieces are adorned with the most precious of gemstones, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to your wrist. Rolex is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, and its diamond watches are no exception. These luxurious timepieces are expertly crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that every diamond is perfectly placed and sparkles just right. When you wear a Rolex diamond watch, you're sure to command respect and admiration for your impeccable taste and sense of style. So if you're looking for a timepiece that's truly extraordinary, consider a Rolex diamond watch as your ultimate statement piece.

They are studded with the most precious diamonds that are hand-selected and go through multiple inspections to give you only the best experience. They create timepieces that lay special emphasis on one-of-a-kind experiences.

7] Chronograph Watches

You can easily spot a chronograph watch because it's hard to miss multiple dials when you look at it. It is designed in such a way that it has at least 3 dials, each one for measuring hours, minutes, and seconds. It can look a little cluttered and difficult to read at first, but once you get a hang of it, it's pretty simple to manage. It's sure to attract attention because of its unique design and rather complicated-looking functions which are very easy to read. It adds that level of sophistication to your outfit that gives it an intriguing and interesting touch.

The separate dials serve a purpose, the second-hand dial can act as a stopwatch. It also has a tachymeter which measures the distance traveled. So it also raises appreciation for the designer, who packed up so many features in one dial and also made it look sporty and smart.


8] Aviators Watches

This watch was designed to help pilots at the dawn of flight in 1906. They are custom designed to meet all aviation requirements. Pilots rely on this watch to measure how much distance they have traveled, and how fast and can even calculate the fuel used. It has multiple dials like a chronometer and a characteristically long band that is made to fit over suits. They are considerably bigger in size and heavier in weight so obviously require forethought before commitment.

While it is guaranteed to catch someone's eye, it can easily backfire if you do not know its purpose and functions. It has a learning curve attached to it, and one must accustom themselves to it or risk making a fool of themselves. However, it's the perfect conversation starter and a statement piece. 

9] Swiss Watche

These types of watches have stood the wrath of time and managed to maintain their position at the top of the charts. Their quality is unmatched and superior, its handmade and well-crafted mechanisms set them apart from other men’s watches. They are hypo allergic and have a healthy sound quality, not to mention that they are far cry from corrosion, scratches, and general wear n tear. They are made of strong and durable metals that prolong the life of the watch, these can last a lifetime or even more.

It's a timeless piece of accessory that is versatile and can bring out the best in your personality. It can make any boring outfit look better and more thoughtful.

10] Field Watches

These watches were designed for military purposes to achieve multiple goals while being small and easy to read at the same time. If they were huge, they would restrict movement and get in the way of physical activities. They are traditionally made with canvas bands and have a stainless steel or PVD-Coated casting. It usually has a black or white dial to make it easy to read and has a non-glare crystal.

They are sleek in design and can be used for everyday wear with a simplistic approach. The small dial suits men with smaller and slender wrists because the bulkier watches can look like they are weighing the person down and have too much going on.

11] Sports Watch


This is another type of watch that is durable and designed with athletic endeavors in mind. It has rubber, silicon, or nylon straps to make it flexible and long-lasting. It has a tachymeter to make time and distance calculations and pushers for the start/stop function and to reset the second hand. It can have a display or a chronograph dial depending upon a person’s need.

It's minimalistic and sporty to give you that casual, laid-back look that's fun and fresh. It’s easy to manage and small in size so it doesn’t distract you while engaged in physical activities.

12] Racer Watches

These watches are showy and bright and colorful. These were designed to make it easier to read whidrivinginy fast and became trendy for their bulky looks and bright colors and complicated design.
They have multiple dials and a separate stopwatch function, tachymeter, and pushers for the start/stop function. They usually have broad bands made of nylon or metal that have that extra pop of color. 
This type of watch looks great with casual outfits because of its big size and loud colors. They can be a bit distracting when paired with formals and tend to be a little tacky for black-tie events.

After getting acquainted with so many watches you might want to go ahead and buy one for yourself. Make sure to find something that looks like it's trying to communicate your personality. Try avoiding bulky and big watches if you are slightly built, they can overshadow your outfit and won’t sit right on your wrist. Get the straps customized to your wrist if you feel like it's too long because nobody likes that drooping band. The last pro tip is to invest in good watches because they go a long way and are less prone to wear and tear.

If you are finding it hard to source luxury watches, you can avail of services from San Antonio Gold Jeweller. While they do not make luxury timepieces of their own, they have the resources to source them at the best prices for you. They also give you access to pre-owned timepieces that are currently circulating in the market. All watches are thoroughly checked to confirm their authenticity and prices are set according to the value. They also offer other services like watch refinishing and replacement of a battery.