A list of 10 Awesome Alternative Engagement Rings

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Mar 01 , 2023

A list of 10 Awesome Alternative Engagement Rings

The traditional styles will never go out of style, but how do you go about selecting an engagement ring if your taste is anything from conventional? Whether you are choosing the ring yourself or are looking for non-conventional engagement ring suggestions for a partner.

Couples are increasingly choosing unique engagement ring designs to reflect their personalities; some even choose not to exchange jewels. There are many diamond ring alternatives that are equally meaningful, whether your partner has a wide range of tastes or you're on a tight budget. Get your custom and timeless engagement ring at jewelry stores San Antonio Texas.

The Knot 2019 Jewellery and Engagement Study, which polled over 21,000 recently engaged or married couples, found that people are now more cognizant of the significance of their engagement rings than they were in the past. More than half of all proposers added unique elements to the ring, with 31% going so far as to create the piece entirely from scratch. Additionally, 10% of all rings exchanged did not contain a diamond but rather a precious stone, showing that non-diamond engagement rings are steadily (though slowly) gaining in popularity. 

For the modern pair, we've compiled a list of the most popular diamond ring substitutes, from man-made diamonds to distinctive precious gemstones.

Diamond Ring Alternatives

There are still sparkling engagement rings available for less money. Here, we explain everything there is to know about alternatives to diamond rings, from lab-created jewels to diamonds that stand out.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds

Galaxy diamonds, sometimes known as salt and pepper diamonds, get their name from their grizzled, peppery appearance. Although the stone is a genuine diamond, it has imperfections that give the stone a grey or black appearance. Since each rock is unique, no two salt and pepper diamonds will appear the same. Some can appear virtually black, while others may resemble a white diamond with a barely perceptible grey shadow. The conclusion is that a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring is a fantastic choice for someone who enjoys showing off their flamboyant side.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are becoming more and more well-liked among people looking to save money on an engagement ring because they have the exact same chemical makeup and aesthetic qualities as a diamond mined from the earth. Lab-grown diamonds can be generated in a fraction of the time it takes to mine one thanks to a clever procedure that simulates the environment where diamonds are formed in the earth's crust. The technology for producing a lab-grown diamond also offers a conflict-free sourcing approach, notwithstanding the commitment of the diamond industry to ethically sourced stones.

Fluorescent Diamonds

All diamonds exhibit some degree of fluorescence, but some have a greater amount than others. When the diamond is exposed to UV light, this can be observed since a stone with a higher fluorescence level will emit a colored glow. However, it can be quite difficult to tell with the naked eye whether a diamond has a high fluorescence level. For someone who enjoys standing out from the crowd, high fluorescence levels make this a fantastic alternative engagement ring concept because they minimize the cost of diamonds. When designing an engagement ring online, some merchants (like Taylor & Hart) provide customers the option of choosing the fluorescence intensity of their diamond.


Looking for less expensive options for an engagement ring? A moissanite engagement ring is one option. Although moissanite looks like a diamond, it is actually a silicon carbide gemstone. The majority of moissanite on the market today is lab-grown because genuine moissanite is so uncommon. Given their similar appearances, moissanite is a fantastic diamond ring substitute, especially for couples on a tighter budget. And The Knot's 2019 Jewellery and Engagement Study indicates that it's becoming more and more popular nationwide. A valuable stone other than a diamond was used in 10% of proposals in the poll. 19% of those popped the question with a moissanite ring.

Alternative Engagement Ring Stones

White diamonds are not the only type used in engagement rings. Colored gemstones give the piece of jewelry they'll wear every day a unique touch. Here are some of the preferred substitute stones for engagement rings.


Because of Kate Middleton, sapphire engagement rings have become increasingly fashionable, and it's easy to understand why. The traditional deep blue color is extremely attractive, making it the ideal choice for someone who desires to defy convention. However, sapphires exist in a variety of colors other than just blue, so you can broaden your search for the ideal jewel. They are also available in pink, green, yellow, orange, purple, black, and shades of those colors.


Why not think of popping the question with a ruby ring since red is the color of love? For someone who enjoys wearing jewelry with a dramatic statement, this beautiful gemstone is ideal. It is also among the hardest precious gemstones, making it a strong substitute for an engagement ring.


Looking for a pink-loving gift? Give them a morganite ring to think about. This fashionable gem comes in a variety of pink hues, from pale peach to dark salmon. The majority of morganite stones are heated to remove any yellow undertones and to preserve the blush tones. Its chemical composition comprises both aquamarine and emerald. Morganite also offers a less expensive alternative to a diamond ring because it is a mineral.


Emeralds are more than just the May birthstone; they also form a stunning alternative engagement ring for someone who likes to be on the cutting edge of fashion. Although the emerald has long been a sign of elegance, its popularity is only just beginning to grow in the United States. The fact that emeralds often have more inclusions than other gemstones should be noted because this makes them more likely to break or chip when jarred. In the event that you decide to go with an emerald engagement ring, a halo setting will better safeguard the stone than a prong setting.


A pearl engagement ring is a terrific alternative engagement ring choice for someone with a preppy style and classic taste because it is timeless and exquisite. Even though they're uncommon—only 1% of respondents in our study reported being proposed to with a pearl engagement ring—it's a terrific piece of jewelry for someone who wants to buck convention.

Alternative Engagement Jewelry

Not everyone will find diamonds and gemstones appealing, and that's okay. You can propose using a number of different engagement ring suggestions that have just as much sentimental value. These novel suggestions, which range from eternity bands to engagement watches, are ideal for the contemporary pair.


An engagement ring and a necklace can both be significant pieces of jewelry. Instead of buying conventional jewelry, think about getting a fancy diamond necklace. Alternatively, give them a design with your initials added as letter charms for a more personal touch. They'll appreciate the kind act.

Eternity Band

A straightforward eternity band can be more your significant other's style if they have straightforward tastes. Consider buying a solid gold or platinum band so they may wear it daily rather than the more conventional dazzling diamond or gemstone.


Classic bracelets are a terrific alternative to a diamond ring for your proposal because they never go out of style. An equally special piece of jewelry that they may wear every day would be a delicate tennis bracelet or an emotional charm bracelet.


A high-end watch is a classic accessory that will be worn frequently every day. You can preserve the meaning of an engagement gift by proposing with a watch if your girlfriend doesn't like to wear jewelry.

Men’s Engagement Rings

Of course, both men and women can wear engagement rings, and there are many options available to suit everyone's preferences. The use of diamonds for engagement rings is a common choice, and they can be incorporated into various styles and designs. Male engagement rings are also becoming more popular in the United States, although they are still considered traditional in other countries. You can choose from a variety of bands for your engagement ring to match your personal style and taste.

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