How to measure your ring size?

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Sep 08 , 2020

How to measure your ring size?

How to measure your ring size?

Rings in their most basic form signify love. And things can go up the slope if one takes care of certain aspects of a ring while choosing one for themselves or their partner. The most basic and primary aspect happens to be the size of the ring. We are here to help you to figure out the size you need to keep in mind while purchasing a ring and make sure it really fits! Through this guide, we’ll be sharing some ring size measurement hacks so that you can purchase your partner’s ring without them being aware of it hence keeping the element of surprise intact. Also don’t fret if you go wrong with the interpretation of the ring size, because here at Exotic Diamonds we provide a special feature as per which we assure you FREE resizing.



How to be sure that the ring fits you properly?

The ring is supposed to fit you comfortably at the base of your finger. So snug it up to an extent it doesn’t fall off easily, cause any uneasiness or leave any indent marks. To make sure there is enough room, push the ring from underneath and look for some space between the ring and your finger. The comforting part is that the difference from one ring size to the one succeeding it is just nearly 2-3 mm. It is observed that many people find a variance of half a size and it can still fit comfortably mostly every time. A perfect fit means you should be able to take the ring on and off as per your comfort and requirement. If you need to use anything to lubricate your finger to take the ring off i.e. it does not come off with sheer force, then it is too tight for you. Turning it in and outward motion with a recording time of about 5-10 seconds is okay. It proves that neither the ring is too tight nor is it too loose that it can fall off unknowingly. The shape of your fingers is also an important aspect. If your fingers are too thin, then you will need to have to snug the ring more and if you have too large knuckles then the ring will be a bit loose at the base of your finger. A bit tight-fitting is recommended because the last thing you want is the accidental slipping of the ring from your finger. It is necessary to know that the size of a finger fluctuates in a day depending upon various factors like diet, work, humidity, and temperature, etc.

How to measure ring size at home?

Take the measurements of another ring that already fits you (the inside
To get the perfect measurement for a new ring, measure the inner diameter of a ring that already fits you and check it again on the same finger of the same hand you previously used to wear it. Use the measuring tape to measure the inner diameter. Just to be sure enough, measure the ring size by putting it on at night because at night the size of the fingers is the largest. So, the best comfort level can be ensured. If you want to buy the engagement ring for your partner then make sure of his/her dominant hand, because the fingers of the dominant hand are slightly larger than that of the non-dominant hand. Don’t forget that the engagement ring is generally worn on the left hand so consider the measurements accordingly.

How to measure the ring size for a proposal in secret?

Nearly half of the brides-to-be want to come along for their ring shopping. So, if you are planning to surprise her with your choice then Best of Luck. You’ve got our best wishes as well as our total support. In order to find your significant other’s ring size, start by asking someone who has known them for the longest time; their family or close friends. If the former option doesn’t work and unfortunately you need to ask for your partner’s help then be subtle about it. Borrow one of their rings and tell them that you need to gift a similar ring to someone in your family or friends. Try to be specific about the finger. Also, you can trace one of her ring's inner diameter on a paper when she is not around. Multiple traces will assure precision. If you want to play the guessing game then keep in mind that most of the women’s ring size varies from 5 to 6.5 or in a few cases 7, and for men, this range is from 8 to 10.5 with 9 being the most popular. Keep in mind that whenever you are purchasing a ring based on your guess, go for a larger size so that it can be easily resized if required. We do not intend to sabotage one of your most special moments. So, we do not send any kind of mails or messages on your registered E-mail ID.

What if I order the wrong ring size?

Here at Exotic Diamonds, we offer you the service of free resizing your engagement ring and wedding band in a particular range of sizes. This service prevails for a year. Also if you wish to change the ring, we have a 30 days exchange policy, wherein you can exchange the ring after the proposal if needed.

How is my ring altered when it is resized?

When you give your ring for resizing, we add or remove some parts of metal to achieve the ideal ring size as per your directions. Along with the size, a slight amount of variation in the width is also expected due to the deposition or removal of some metal. Exotic Diamonds have skilled craftsmen who know their craft quite well. Moreover, we strictly abide by the quality standards and ensure the ring is properly cleansed as well as polished after resizing. So, you can rest assured as we here take proper care of your ring.

Rings that can’t be resized.

A few rings can’t be resized because their designs can’t be compromised even a little. You will be notified beforehand about the rings that are off-limits for resizing. Certain rings having metals such as Tungsten can’t be resized. Also, the Eternity rings, Milgrain or Ornate Bands join this list. The Exchange policy for 30 days prevails. But, this is to notify you that the price of the exchanged ring may differ because of its design, weight, edition, or the number of gemstones on it.