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Sep 04 , 2020

Top Ten Questions Related to Teeth Grillz

We all are familiar with bizarre and over the top jewelry which many artists wear, but these things called teeth grillz or fronts, are relatively newer in this jewelry game and many people straight up deny its existence. Here I would cover top 10 questions which might clear many misconceptions about teeth Grillz


Q-1.What are teeth Grillz?


In hip-hop culture, a grill also referred to as fronts or golds, is a sort of dental jewelry worn over the teeth. Grills are made from metal and are generally removable. Grills are made from several sorts of metal that are sometimes inlaid with precious stones; they're generally removable, though some could also be permanently attached to the teeth. Gold grillz are often made up of 10-karat to pure gold. The gold is often tinted yellow, white, and rose gold in color.


 Q-2. Who invented Grillz?


New Yorker Eddie Plein, the owner of Eddie's Gold Teeth, is often credited with bringing the trend to New York. Started making gold caps in the early 80s, he is highly respected by many OG's like Ludacris and Lil Jon.
In an interview, he claims that while eating some hard fish he broke his back tooth and while at the dentist's he got this idea of making boring old caps into a fashion statement. And after that, he dropped his college and got a dental certificate and the rest is history.


 Q-3. Where to buy teeth Grillz?


You can buy teeth Grillz from many jewelry stores that have valid certification. It is also available on Amazon, Aliexpress, and many such retail giants. But if you are looking for some serious Grillz, one which the middle class cannot afford, then I would suggest you to check out the wide range of teeth Grillz options available at Exotic Diamonds, a jewelry store in San Antonio, Texas, for all your jewelry needs.


 Q-4. Most expensive teeth grill?


World’s most expensive teeth Grillz, worn by none other than "Katy Perry", made by Dr William "Bill" Dorfman, is a piece of modern art to many, encrusted with diamonds and precious gemstones, it’s no wonder that the intricate grill is worth a hefty $1,000,000. 


Q-5. Can you eat with Grillz on?


It is advised that you should not eat and drink while you have your grillz on, as it bad for both your teeth and your grilllz. Your grillz are just another piece of jewelry and must be taken utmost care of as they might snap in half. The food particles may get stuck between your fronts and tooth which may cause germs to build up and thereby affecting your oral health.


Q-6. How are Grillz made?


Here are the steps required to make a teeth grill

Step 1: Make a mould of your bottom or/and upper teeth

Step 2: Take the mould to a dental technician and he would pour the mould in a dyed stone

Step 3: Cast the mould before adding the gold

Step 4: the mould is removed from the casting machine and the structure of your grill can be seen

Step 5: Grillz are now polished

Step 6: Try on your Grillz and make the necessary changes if required


 Q-7. Can Grillz straighten your teeth?


No, Grillz cannot do that. If you are planning to buy Grillz with this in mind, I would suggest you to think again. Grillz can be made according to your teeth shape and alignment, but they can't change your teeth structure in the long run. And if you are not happy with the shape and alignment of your teeth, then probably you won't like the shape of your Grillz either. Though I would recommend you to use some kind of tray moulds like Invisalign and stuff like that.


Q-8. How do Grillz fit?


These steps should be followed if you want your grillz to fit on your teeth. The following steps are for generic Grillz and not for custom made's.

Step 1: Gently bend the Grillz to fit the shape of your mouth

Step 2: Place the silicone moulding bar into the opening of the Grillz

Step 3: Adjust the back hooks so that the moulding bars fits tightly

Step 4: Boil water and use tongs/tweezers to pick up the grill and place them into the water

Step 5: Submerge the Grillz for 20 to 30 seconds until the moulding bar becomes clear

Step 6: Use tongs/ tweezers to pick up the Grillz from water and place them on your teeth while the moulding is still soft, adjust if necessary, then keep them in place for 2 minutes so the moulding bars can harden.

It is okay if you have to bend, shift and adjust your Grillz until it just fits right.


 Q-9. What does Grillz do to your teeth?


Well, nothing if you are careful enough. Grillz are just like every other jewelry present in the market, none of them are made for extensive or heavy usage, except rings and light chains. One must avoid wearing their Grillz for an extended period and should also avoid eating with them on. So, the answer to the question would be- it depends on the person. If you take enough care then they are harmless and if ignored then they could cost your teeth in the long run.


 Q-10. Do permanent Grillz ruin your teeth?


We can't say if that's true or not, because there aren't any studies which show that they are harmful, but there is no study which shows that they are safe either. But many believe that food and other debris may become trapped between the teeth and therefore the grill would allow bacteria to gather and produce acids, which is scary and true. But if taken proper care you could save your beautiful whites from these acids and germs.