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Sep 16 , 2020




We in the diamond business are not considered with the color of a diamond
rather the lack of it. A colorless diamond is the rarest and the most expensive
among all. But such is only the case with white diamonds and not fancy colored
diamonds. Colored diamonds have a separate color grade scale than white


Points to note: 

  •  A white diamond is color graded on the basis of its lack in color.
  •  A diamond can only be color graded by a certified grading official
  •  A diamond’s color can be altered by the tone of the jewelry setting.


Role of Diamond Color in determining a Diamond’s Beauty


It stands to reason that Diamond Color plays a chief role in determining a
Diamond’s Beauty considering its place among the 4Cs of a diamond. Moreover,
it is also an important price determining factor for a diamond. Therefore, you
need to choose your diamond color wisely when buying a diamond.

The GIA Color-Grade Scale for White Diamonds



The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is one of the most reputed and
reliable diamond grading laboratories. The GIA color-grade scale is considered
ideal in the diamond industry. It ranges from D to Z; where D represents
‘colorless’ while Z represents ‘light yellow or brown’. Curious about the uncanny
use of D? Well, it’s not uncanny at all. The GIA grade scale starts with D to avoid confusion regarding the Arcane System of grading (A-C, 1-3 and I-III, etc.) usedearlier.

Poor quality L-Z Colour Grade Diamonds are not sold by Exotic Diamonds


We at Exotic Diamonds only sell the best quality diamonds. The L-Z color
graded diamonds have an apparent warm yellow hue and thus are not cut out for our quality standards.

The Perfect Diamond Color for Your Budget


We already know that a colorless diamond is the most expensive among all
white diamonds. Usually our customers go for a D or E grade diamond. They
utilize most their budget into buying a near colorless diamond and then give
priority to choosing the best cut they can afford for more sparkling.
It’s always better to consider your diamond shape and setting preferences
before deciding the color grade of the diamond you wish to buy.

Large Diamonds have more Color Visibility

Go for I, J or K color-grade if you’re buying a 1 carat diamond or less. On the
contrary, when buying over 1 carat choose an H or higher color-grade diamond.

Perfect Diamond Color for your Shape and Setting Preferences


Round-cut diamonds have more color visibility than other intricately-shaped
diamonds, and they cost up to 25% more. So, go for a fancy-shaped diamond for cheaper and near colorless grade. It’s also recommended to choose your precious metal setting in accordance to the color grade of your diamond. A
yellow gold setting can be paired with faint colored diamonds as it has a warm
glow whereas a platinum or white gold setting can be paired with a near-
colorless diamond to attain an icy look.

White Diamonds vs Fancy Colored Diamonds

It’s important to know that diamonds also occur in natural spectrum of colors -
pink, blue, yellow, green, red and more. Such diamonds are labelled as fancy
colored diamonds. But, they are very hard to come across. Unlike white
colored diamonds, they are graded over the intensity of the natural color they
possess. Hence, they are graded on a separate scale and may even be more
valuable than white diamonds.