What Makes Diamond Tennis Necklaces So Popular

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Feb 27 , 2023

What Makes Diamond Tennis Necklaces So Popular

Tennis necklaces are connected diamond-line necklaces that go around the neck. The length of a riviere necklace is typically longer, and some of them include graded diamonds that branch out from a huge central stone. Tennis necklaces, on the other hand, are normally shorter, can be worn as a choker, and frequently have diamonds of the same size.

According to the size of the diamonds, the cost of a diamond tennis necklace can range from a few thousand dollars to over $100,000. The diamond tennis necklace is a similarly stunning variation of the "tennis" series however, it is not frequently praised as loudly as this renowned piece.

Due to the fact that it is ideally the companion piece to a diamond tennis bracelet, it is commonly referred to as the "diamond tennis necklace." To put it another way, it's a necklace with a diamond line. The diamond line necklaces were renamed in conjunction with the bracelets. Tennis necklaces are now highly prized possessions that are associated with the finest elegance and craftsmanship.

But whence does the term "tennis necklace" originate? It's a tennis bracelet, as you would have guessed, but in the form of a necklace, and it gets its name from a famous Wimbledon tennis match moment. Chris Evert of the United States paused a match she was in the middle of in order to retrieve her diamond line bracelet that had come off during play. 

When she referred to it in an interview after the match as her tennis bracelet, the term quickly gained popularity. Although the word "tennis necklace" is the most common, you may also hear people refer to these pieces as "lines," "infinite," or "eternity necklaces." Because they are shorter, diamond tennis necklaces are simple to wear and can be worn in a variety of situations when a long necklace could be inappropriate or unworkable.

While strolling through the city and on the beach, I observed fashionable women sporting diamond tennis necklaces and casual attire. Because they are so cozy to wear, many people take showers and sleep in their necklaces. Although they are acceptable for more casual attire and activities, diamond tennis necklaces unquestionably provide drama and glitz to evening events, particularly when worn with a diamond tennis necklace that has large stones or stacked with other necklaces of various lengths and diamond cuts.

It's possible that when you think of a diamond tennis necklace, you'll immediately picture royalty, A-list celebrities walking the red carpet at the Oscars, or expensive-looking women who brunch and schedule PTA meetings. Nevertheless, it turns out that this accessory is currently in style. You can rethink your assumptions if you believe it must be worn with a ballgown.

This is the ideal example of why you shouldn't keep your diamonds for special events every day is special, let's not forget. It may be worn over a plain T-shirt or with a clean white shirt. Without having to refinance your home, you don't have to spend a fortune to achieve the look. Tennis necklaces made of crystal or diamonds can be found everywhere on the online high street. A continuous strand of uniquely set gems that are flexibly connected together makes up the classic diamond tennis necklace.

Tennis necklaces are well-liked and have a lot of different uses. These go well with both casual outfits and black-tie events. They come in all metals, may be layered with different necklaces, and can be any color.

In the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, wearing exquisite jewelry with casual clothing became increasingly trendy. This trend suited the tennis look perfectly. Tennis necklace demand is currently on the rise, in part due to significant social media influencers.

A tennis necklace can be wrapped twice around your wrist to create a wrap-style bracelet, according to a new online tip. With the purchase of a diamond tennis necklace, the possibilities are unlimited. Tennis-inspired attire is appropriate for both formal and casual settings and can be worn by both men and women. Tennis-type jewelry is highly sought-after because of its adaptability and durability. It's a fairly secure way to wear diamonds and jewels, despite the Chris Evert incident.

A tennis bracelet or necklace has each stone meticulously set onto its own link. The likelihood of dropping a stone is reduced as a result. They continue to be so well-liked, which is understandable. Improve your sense of style with a classic and high-quality diamond cuban link chain.

You want to maintain a traditional, refined, and uncomplicated style. Think about a single, delicate necklace with a little overall diamond-carat weight. Increase the carat weight of your strand if you want to create a bigger effect.

You may also add a lot of volume to your style by layering numerous strands of various lengths. Jewelry designers can alter the original design in various ways even with a timeless and exquisite style like the tennis necklace. Tennis necklaces often have round diamonds with four-prong settings. The shape of each link will fluctuate depending on how many prongs are used to hold the diamonds. For instance, the diamond tennis necklace has a significantly different visual impact from a conventional item due to a few minor design adjustments. The diamonds appear to be cut in a triangle or possibly heart shapes at first glance.

These diamonds, however, are only rounds that are three-pronged sets. The illusion is also strengthened by positioning the individual links such that the body of the stone hangs below the strand. Given that fancy-cut diamonds are much harder to find and match than rounds, particularly in such large quantities, this tennis necklace is a great statement piece.

Prong settings are a safe mounting choice if they are done correctly. Yet, there are also additional approaches, like a bezel setting, of mounting diamonds firmly onto the links of a tennis necklace. A stunning and unique tennis necklace can also be created by fusing several novel parts together in one piece. Tennis necklaces with distinctive designs can also be made by mixing diamonds with various carat weights and shapes. The visual impact can be mild or strong depending on how the stones contrast.

The graded strand is yet another novel approach to the tennis necklace. Pearl necklaces in graduated styles are certainly common among jewelry lovers. Diamond tennis necklaces, however, can also use the same idea in design. Graduated strands can be more glamorous and eye-catching than their conventional equivalents. Look for tennis necklaces with unique gemstone accents for a modern twist on the classic style.

Diamond and other gemstone necklaces are available, as are necklaces constructed completely of other gemstones. Without talking about synthetic choice, we cannot discuss diamond tennis necklaces. Tennis necklaces come in a variety of designs and let you choose between naturally occurring and lab-grown diamonds. The use of lab-grown stones has advantages. Most significantly, synthetic diamonds are much less expensive than genuine diamonds. A synthetic stone is substantially less expensive to replace if necessary.

Do you worry about how well lab-grown diamonds are made? You might ask if their value can compete with that of mined, natural diamonds. They can, yes. Nowadays, it is possible to grow synthetic diamonds in big, high-quality quantities. High-carat weight lab-grown diamonds can also have exceptional color and clarity grading. Be sure you're comparing costs for stones of the same weight and quality when you compare pricing because they could also have the same diamond grading reports as mined diamonds.

Are you concerned that artificial diamonds won't resemble real ones? Be assured that the physical and optical characteristics of natural and synthetic diamonds are identical. Even experienced gemologists require specialized tools to distinguish between them. As a result, no one will be able to tell just by glancing at your tennis necklace if it is fake. A diamond tennis necklace typically costs between $4,000 and $10,000, but there are several variables that might impact the price. consisting of the diamonds' size, the chain's length, and the metal kind. Opting for lab-created diamonds over those derived from the ground will result in additional savings.

The use of lab-grown stones has advantages. Wearing diamonds and other precious stones is relatively secure when done in the diamond tennis style. With a tennis necklace or bracelet, each stone is expertly set into its own link. This reduces the likelihood that you'll drop a stone. Any beautiful piece of jewelry will typically have a safety chain or security latch attached to the clasp as additional protection in the event that it malfunctions. Popular and adaptable are diamond tennis necklaces.