What are the different styles of Engagement ring?

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Nov 19 , 2020

What are the different styles of Engagement ring?


So, your special day is near and you want to look your best on this day? Got confused with so many options in hand, don’t know which one to buy? Don’t worry Exotic Diamonds, has your back. We offer you different styles to choose from a wide range of budget. You can visit our store in South park mall in San Antonio, Texas to get our sales assistance in choosing your perfect engagement ring or any other jewelry. We also offer shipping all around the world so that you can have your priced possession anywhere in the world.

An engagement ring marks the new beginning of your married life, so it is very important to choose it carefully. Before going for an expensive ring, it is always better to know your partner’s taste and preferences, so that your ring buying procedure is easy and hassle-free. Sleek, traditional design, round cut, Marquis style, princess cut, baguette style, we have covered them all in our list. We offer you authentic and crystal cut diamonds and that too in many different carats. Choose the best solitaire for your special lady and make your day count. With our ultimate Engagement ring buying guide, you will get in-depth knowledge about different styles of Engagement rings and hence you will be able to choose your style of engagement ring with confidence.



Baguette rings are the traditional style rings yet sleek. If the love of your life is more into classic-style engagement rings then this is the one that you should choose. 

A baguette ring is a small ring with a rectangular-shaped center. The diamond is a straight-cut or tapered end but there can be variation for the length and width ratio and the tapered baguette show-off the long side with the angle inwards.

Baguettes are one of the popular side stones in engagement rings.

This is one of the most popular choices for the engagement ring.

baguette ring

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If you or your love enjoys edgy fashion and has a modern-style then this is your go-to ring. The pear-shaped center gives you a chic look and the cut is also referred to as “teardrop” because of the pointed and round shape. Due to its pear shape, this stunning engagement ring is favored by a lot of people. The most common question that comes with Pear style engagement ring is that - 

What is the correct way to wear a pear-shaped engagement ring?

There is a lot of confusion as to which way the pointed end of the pear styled engagement ring should be. The pointed way of the pear engagement ring should be pointing outwards, which simply means the other end, which is the blunt end or the curved end of the pear-shaped engagement ring should be facing towards you. This is not the only way to wear it but this is usually the preferred way.

 pear style engagement ring

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Marquise ring is a historic typestyle for an engagement ring. This is the ideal ring to buy if your partner enjoys buying big halo rings and which is something unique.

The uniqueness and sleekness add to the design of the ring which makes it pop-out. The quirky shapes capture the attention of everyone. This style is also referred to as an “eye-shaped” or “boat-shaped” engagement ring. The fact about this ring is that due to its long and narrow shape marquise diamonds usually create the illusion of greater size. Marquise diamonds are usually preferred over round diamonds because round diamonds have greater rough diamond wastage, whereas Marquise diamonds use the long shape of diamonds very well.

Marquise ring

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A round cut engagement ring is traditional and it speaks volumes about the bride as well as the groom. These are the most commonly worn Engagement rings. Round style engagement rings are the perfect definition of rings that are very simple yet elegant. This classic round cut engagement ring also portrays the conservative yet loyal love for each other. Round cut diamonds are the epitome of perfection.


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The specialty of this ring is that it combines two styles in one which makes it more unique and beautiful. The radiant cut engagement ring is the combination of the emerald cut with the round cut. Radiant cut diamonds has the shine of a round cut diamond and the clarity of an emerald cut. These rings are often referred to as Rectangular modified Brilliant Diamond. The corners of the diamonds are trimmed which increases the durability of the diamond. An important point to keep in mind while selecting a radiant cut is to check the color carefully. A G color radiant cut will look similar to an H color diamond. This is because radiant cut diamonds tend to show more colors than round diamonds due to a lack of depth in their tips.

Radiant cut engagement ring

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Princess cut diamonds are the second most liked shape after round cut diamonds. 30% of the total engagement rings in the world are made up of Princess cut diamonds. Princess cut diamonds are either square or rectangular in shape. When turned upside down these diamonds resemble the shape of a pyramid.

How the princess cut diamond got its name?

Princess cut diamond can be traced back to 1961 when a London-based diamond cutter created it and named it profile cut. The same cut is now known as the princess cut.



Oval cut diamonds are simply the stretched form of round brilliant cut. It is a traditional yet popular cut for an engagement ring. This cut is ideal for a woman who enjoys a traditional and elegant design. This design is not a newcomer but has been in fashion since ancient times. This design represents authenticity and softness. The oval engagement ring is the perfect value for money because oval cut wastes less rough material as compared to other fancy shapes and for the same reason they are less costly than round brilliant cuts. Moreover, the oval cut diamond looks larger and fuller because unlike other fancy shapes, they require less depth. So in short if you are looking for a big diamond size without burning a hole in your pocket then an oval cut diamond is a good choice because it always appears larger as compared to other diamonds of the same carat.

oval cut engagement ring


The oval cut engagement ring comes in various colors and sizes.



Cushion cut diamond got its name from its shape, which resembles a pillow.

These diamonds have curved edges, unlike princess cut. These diamonds are the third most popular after round and princess cut. It was in the 19th century when the cushion cut diamonds were discovered. The most prominent part about this cut is the curved style and facets which are sparkling.

cushion cut engagement ringcushion-cut-engagement-ring



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Buying an engagement ring without any prior knowledge can be a hectic process. We are sure that our blog about engagement rings will give you some insight into the different types of engagement rings available. For any other doubts or for valuable tips about buying the perfect engagement ring you can visit our store directly. We will be more than happy to assist you in making your day special.