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Dec 08 , 2020

What are diamond bow ties? How can we avoid bow ties?

Here’s How to Avoid Diamond Bow Ties (and Exactly Why You Should)

Diamond in itself is bliss and how we curate it, is the biggest task. One needs to keep in mind what they want in their diamond, what the design should be, and how it should look like. The only reason why people go for diamonds is due to its shine or sparkle. One should make sure to know what sort of diamond is right. In a diamond, all that's needed to be checked is that it manages the 4C’s properly. The four characteristics to look upon are cut, clarity, color, and the carat. But do we really look at these things while buying a diamond? All we focus on is just on the sparkle of the diamond.

We want our diamond to shine brighter so that it catches everyone’s attention. But you won’t like it, if something stops your diamond from shining. One of the biggest enemies of Diamond is bow ties.

Therefore while shopping for diamonds utmost care should be taken to avoid diamond bow ties.

Here’s a complete article as to What are diamond bow ties? and How can we avoid bow ties?


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What are diamond bow ties?

 A diamond bow tie is a flaw that occurs if the diamond is not properly cut. It’s an imperfection that lessens the sparkle of the diamond. As the name says, a diamond bow tie is a darkened area formed inside the diamond that actually looks like a man’s bow tie.

When a bow tie is formed the diamond won’t reflect the light properly and hence won’t sparkle, no matter in whichever direction the diamond is turned. 


How are diamond Bow ties formed?

The cutting of the diamond plays an important role in the formation of Bow ties. The diamond cutter has to take many things into consideration while carving this precious stone. The diamond should properly reflect as well as refract light from its facets to avoid any bow ties. The diamond cutter takes accountability for numerous angles in which the diamond can be viewed hence avoiding any possibility for the formation of bow ties.

Bow ties can range from slight to severe depending upon the degree of flaw.

Some people don’t know about this deformity in diamonds and hence can easily be fooled into buying a diamond with bow ties.


What cuts are affected by diamond bow ties?

Usually, some diamond shapes are more prone to bow ties due to their fancy cut.

For example- oval shape diamond, Marquise shape diamond, pear shape diamond, and heart shape diamond have a higher chance of forming bow ties as compared to other diamonds


How can we avoid a diamond bow tie and shop for a diamond effectively?

In a diamond’s report, you can find the 4C’s easily. Which are the Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. But the presence of a bow tie isn’t listed on any of the reports. In Fact, you need to inspect the presence of Bow ties visually. In fancy cut diamonds, you can’t completely eliminate the possibility of a bow tie but you can choose the extent of bow tie you're willing to accept. It's important to note here that small bow ties will reflect light normally. So choose the one that you like the most.

If you want to buy a diamond from our website and are unsure about the extent of bow ties available then you can always ask for a video of your favorite diamond. And we will be more than happy to assist you.

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