Top Unique Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

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Mar 09 , 2023

Top Unique Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

Are you that one person who is always running late and can never find the other earring? And the only thing worse than running late is trying to detangle that piece of the chain while fighting with time. We all need a little organization in life, and when it comes to expensive jewelry, it becomes all the more important.

It does not matter how many hoops or studs you own, if you can’t see them easily, they might as well have been lost. It's the only time when “out of sight, out of mind” is a bad thing. After a point of time, you even forget that you owned that precious piece of jewelry or that family ring. Not to mention how fragile some pieces can be, and storing them carelessly can damage those pieces or take away their shine.

These pieces are not just fashion accessories, jewelry often holds sentimental value. They deserve to be stored properly and in ideal conditions. I think we can all agree that looking for studs in the night drawer is a pretty annoying task, especially if you have found one but the other one is nowhere to be seen. This is where organization becomes necessary. Here are some ways you can organize your jewelry and save yourself some morning trouble:

1] Acrylic Boxes

They are clear boxes that are available in multiple sizes and are also known as quartz boxes. They are cute and colorful and perfect to store your smaller pieces. These are usually kept on the bedside table or bathroom countertops so you can take off your daily wear jewelry and store them safely in them.

They prevent smaller pieces from being misplaced or mishandled. It provides a safe and secure location for your jewelry pieces so you don’t have to shuffle through your drawers every morning to find that missing piece. They are also very trendy and lightweight so you can make them a part of your room decor. Smaller boxes can be used to store earrings, and bigger ones to store chains or pendants. They protect your jewelry pieces until the next morning so you don’t have to worry about where you left them last night.

2] Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes were bound to make an appearance on this list because they are usually the first place to start when talking about organization. They are ideal for storing all your jewelry in one place and can be stored away safely. Modern jewelry boxes even come with combination locks or fingerprint locks to make them even more secure.

These boxes usually come with silk linings which allow you to store your jewelry with care and prevent breakage. They have separate compartments and rods which allow you to store your earrings, watches, bangles, bracelets, and necklaces without mixing everything up.

If you want something chic and timeless, opt for leather boxes with gold or silver accents. Not only do these boxes provide space for storage, but they are also exquisite to look at. You can place them on your vanity table or chest drawer and make them a part of the room decor. And if you like being extra, you can always have these boxes monogrammed to add a personalized and creative touch.

3] Stackable Drawers

They are a perfect way to organize if you have limited countertop space or cannot accommodate an entire armoire. You can use an empty drawer in your nightstand or closet and convert it into a stackable drawer to store all your jewelry items.

They allow you to store a lot of items without taking up much space. They usually have separate compartments that allow you to segregate your pieces according to size and systematically store them. You can dedicate different sections to rings, earrings, necklaces, watches, etc. They keep jewelry pieces out of sight and allow a little bit of security.

4] Hooks

Hooks are a great way to organize your jewelry which also prevents necklaces and earrings from getting tangled. These hooks can be attached to the wall itself or can be attached to the inside of closet doors or behind a mirror. They keep all your jewelry on full display and create an aesthetic look. They allow you to hang several pieces on one hook or you can just have a different hook for each piece, depending on your aesthetic. They don’t have to be boring pegs, they can be as creative and weird as you want them to be. You can attach stickers or studs to match your interior.

For people who love collecting necklaces, hooks are very helpful because they save you from the irritation of detangling pieces. While storing a necklace in a pouch or bag is not necessarily a bad idea, it’s the most convenient one either. Hooks or pegs are very practical, do not take up a lot of space, are easily available, and are easy to install.

5] Jewelry Stand as Home Decor

If you like storing your jewelry out in the open in a creative way then you should go for jewelry stands. They are eye-catching and engaging and add to the overall look and feel of the room decor. While they do not always provide a lot of space for storing all your pieces, they are perfect for highlighting some select pieces.

There are so many colorful and cute designs available in the market that make organization fun. There are stands shaped like cacti, cherry blossom trees, Anime figures, porcupines, human hands, food items, etc.
Such quirky additions to your room can add personality and playfulness to your decor while also providing an organizational solution. You can simply hang your jewelry on these decorations while working or sleeping and collect it afterward. They are accessible, practical, funky, and easy to manage. These pieces are also portable which allows you to relocate them as you wish or store them away while having kids over or hosting a big party.

6] A Tiered System

A tiered storage system is key to saving space and staying organized. They are playful and fascinating. They allow you to store your jewelry in the open while also keeping them away from the public eye. Some might even consider them gimmicky, considering that some designs are hard to operate but it is hard not to like them.

Smaller ones can be kept on the bedside table to hold items just for the night or they can be used to store rings or chains. They are ideal for separating different pieces based on their size.

You can go for vintage swiveling trays, modern stacking swivel trays, or round rotating storage depending on your taste. All these pieces have some level of movement to them that allows quick and easy access.

7] Shallow Dishes

A shallow tray or a dish provides the solution to storage without attracting too much attention. After a long day at work, you can just come home and lay down your pieces in these dishes until next time. They are easy to manage and pleasing to look at. You have endless options when it comes to choosing a dish. You can choose from a plethora of designs and patterns and find the one that works best for you.

The important thing is to not go for something too deep because it takes you back to square one. You will eventually end up laying down all your jewelry in one big bowl and waste your time trying to look for specific pieces. You can also find multiple dishes that complement each other and place them side by side or in different places in the house, this way you can dedicate each tray to specific items.

They do not usually take up a lot of space because they are designed to accommodate just a few pieces. It also means that you cannot just dump all your jewelry pieces in it, and you should not even try to do that because it will just make everything look cluttered. Try to minimize the number of items in it and use it only for daily wear jewelry.

8] Metal Rods

You can always hang your jewelry on metal rods like clothing. Though it only works for chains, pendants, bracelets, and bangles. You can hang all your pieces inside a drawer, closet, or cupboard. It provides increased visibility and prevents different pieces from getting tangled.

They don’t have to be boring gray metal rods, they can be colorful or adorned. Some of them even come with knots at regular intervals which prevents them from sliding down or into the corner. They do not take up a lot of space and are easy to manage. They are ideal for men who prefer their jewelry organized but do not want to go for something loud or eye-catching. The sleek designs are very modern and minimal and yet solve the purpose.

If you are a man who loves wearing gold chains and experimenting with your style, then these are perfect for you to flaunt your jewelry while also keeping a track of your belongings. These rods can be fixed permanently in your closets or behind your bathroom mirror or you can opt for portable options which you can keep on your bedside table or inside your drawers. The portable ones are temporary and are available in a lot of attractive designs and styles.

9] Jewelry Pocket Organizer

These are wall hangings with various pockets in them that can be used to store jewelry. They are usually made of fabrics or canvas and are quite flexible. They usually have clear pockets which give you an unobstructed view inside so you don’t have to poke your hand inside every pocket to find what you are looking for. This way you can have all your jewelry on display while also keeping it segregated.

You can use bold prints or quirky designs to make your organizer look trendy and fun. You can hang it inside your closets or have it on full display as part of your interior decor. They are also foldable and do not take up a lot of space. You can choose from a variety of sizes, but even if you choose a small one, you can easily store multiple pieces in one pocket and save up a lot of space.

10] Diy Jewelry Organizer

When it comes to DIY, the scope of possibility is endless. You can create a design that meets all your requirements and matches your room decor. It is a perfect way to flaunt your creative side and use it to make something that represents your personality.

You can use materials that are already available at home or are broken. Not only does this make it eco-friendly but also allows you to save a lot of money. You can use mug handles, molding clay, egg-tray, hair bands, old crockery, glassware, etc. you can revamp old jewelry containers by painting them or adding stickers or personalized touches. You can either make something like a wall hanging or something that can be placed on countertops.

This way you can also create segments based on jewelry pieces you own. Market-bought boxes can have segments that are either too small or too big, which leads to a waste of space. When you are designing it yourself, you can customize it to your needs and make sure that you have space for all your special pieces.

Organizing your jewelry is not a tedious process but not organizing is. It saves a lot of time while also preserving the quality and shine of these timeless pieces. Getting dressed up every day becomes less stressful when you have all your options laid down systematically. And if you feel like your wardrobe is lacking in some jewelry pieces then you can browse jewelry store san antonio.

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