Top 5 Beautiful Engagement Rings Under $1000

Exotic Diamonds

Nov 17 , 2020

Top 5 Beautiful Engagement Rings Under $1000

An engagement ring symbolizes the romantic moment and marks the new beginning for a couple. Finding a perfect engagement ring can be a daunting task, but not anymore. Exotic Diamonds present you with hand-crafted, sleek, and beautiful diamond rings at affordable prices. We believe in catering the best piece of jewelry to our customers, an engagement ring is a memorable possession, and Exotic Diamonds help you choose the right one for your fiancé. We are based in San Antonio, Texas, and offer delivery all around the globe. Exotic Diamonds provide various modes of payment and also offers easy financing on most of our possessions. 

We promise that our unique design and clear-cut diamond cannot be resisted by your partner, our rings help you seize your loved ones. We here in Exotic Diamond personalize your ring for the special day and trust us with all your bling requirements.
Exotic diamond's shop is the best retail shop for jewelry shopping and we focus on a huge variety of fashion jewelry and traditional jewelry as well. We also include unique and original solitaries of diamond jewelry, there are different carats and different types of gold such as white gold, yellow gold  and many more which goes easily with our exclusive material in our engagement ring. which also makes it extremely durable and long-lasting precious possessions. Here we present you with our 5 top beautiful engagement rings under $1000, choose your solitaire, and win your love.

1) Diamond Promise Ring (0.12 CT TW 10 K White Gold) 

Is your partner a fan of minimalistic ring design that feels elegant at the same time? Then this diamond promise ring is for you. The ring possesses a sleek design with a big-squared diamond in the center. The band of the ring is covered with two lines of the mini-diamonds which adds to the sleek design of the ring. The material used is a premium quality best suited for rings. The well-mastered piece is under $500 which is the value of money. This ring will definitely make your partner say a "yes"

Price: $345.00 (original price: $495.00)

2) Diamond Halo Engagement Ring (0.25CT TW Round-cut 10K Yellow Gold)

This ring offers you the best of both worlds with a craftsmanship of gold and diamond. The beautiful gold band complements the circular center-studded diamond. This diamond halo engagement ring gives you a vintage and classic vibe. The semi-circle design on the band adds up to the uniqueness of the design. It is 0.25CT TW round cut 10K yellow gold that will complement your partner's finger for sure.

Price: $ 630.00 (original price: $900.00)

3) Diamond Halo Engagement Ring (0.35 CT TW Round-cut 10K White Gold)

Does your partner prefer something outside the box? This diamond ring is the right choice for you. This diamond halo double-cut engagement ring offers you a unique design with a hint of traditional design as well. This well-structured diamond ring provides you a wide band with four diamond-lined on the band. The center is decorated by the well-cut circular diamond which is outlined by a set of mini-diamonds.  This possession is perfect for your special day. 

Price: $735.00 (original price: $1,050.00)


4) Diamond Engagement Ring (0.50 CT TW Round-cut with Baguettes 10K White Gold)

If you want a more royal-looking ring with a bigger diamond in the center, then this ring is for you. Exotic Diamond present to you 0.50 CT TW round cut with Baguettes 10K white gold engagement ring, with an elegant design and additional details to perfection.
The ring is studded with lines of mini-diamonds in it. The band of the ring is covered with the baguettes design which makes it different from the other rings. The crown of the ring, which is the top is also carved in the baguette design which makes me more royal and exquisite. This ring is a fine example of detailed work and this is the reason this ring makes way at the fourth position in the "Top 5 beautiful engagement ring under $1000" list.

Price: $835.00 (original price: $1,195.00)


5) Diamond Engagement Ring (0.50 CT TW Princess & Round Cut Yellow
Gold Bridal Set)

This ring is a masterpiece and is a perfect ring for the proposal. No woman will ever say no to our classic princess and round cut ring. This ring is a combination of exclusive diamonds and gold. This ring is from the exclusive collection of Exotic Diamonds with a square-shape diamond center which is fitted with four-different segregated diamonds and it is surrounded with a gold band which is also studded with diamonds. This the most expensive ring and therefore worth the price. This beautifully crafted engagement ring can melt any woman's heart.

Price: $975.00 (original price: $1,395.00)

Exotic Diamonds offer you the best-crafted piece of jewelry with original and individual picked original diamonds. Your romantic day should be celebrated with the best possible ring. That's why, we at Exotic Diamonds provide you, with the best ring under all budget categories that too in many different style, and all of them are original, no two designs are similar to each other which makes it even more special. We also fabricate the delicate piece of jewelry as per your need. We always offer the best to our clients and our testimonials are the solid proof of it but we believe in constant change to bring out something new and exciting all the time. 

Our huge collection of engagement rings has something to offer to everybody. We have rings starting from $400 to $2000 and even more. The list is specially created so it is easier for you to choose the special engagement ring with your suitable budget. So, you can invest more time with your loved ones rather than spending hours and hours on finding “The perfect ring". Browse our list for our classic, vintage, and affordable engagement ring to make your fiancé say “yes” to the big question. Trust us, we will never let it down for the bling.