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Nov 19 , 2020

Top 30 Questions Regarding Rings

1.When were rings invented?

Roughly about 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt the tradition of exchanging the ‘rings of love’ in weddings was initiated. These rings were not made of any precious metals back then but of woven cloth or leather. They used to believe that such rings with no endpoints symbolise their eternal love for each other.

2.Which rings do not rust?

Platinum happens to be one of the three primary metals used for making jewelry. It is the rarest of them. Also it weighs more than gold and silver. It almost causes no allergic reactions and also is comparatively durable and strong. The prime feature of Platinum Rings is they do not rust, corrode or tarnish. Owing to these qualities, Platinum is comparatively costlier.

3.What rings mean on each finger?




In most of the cultures, the thumb rigs represent that the wearer is quite wealthy or an influential personality. Wearing thumb rings can be an alien feeling for the people belonging to conventional North American culture. So basically it is a personal choice for people who like to wear multiple rings.

Index Finger:

Wearing rings on the index finger was common in the ancient European culture. Back then it used to denote a specific family or status. This makes the index finger a suitable location for wearing class rings, fraternal rings, or family or class resembling rings.

Middle Finger:

Middle Finger is an unpopular choice of location for a ring. But people who wear if often associate this practice with Saturn that symbolises balance and responsibility in life.

Ring Finger:

Widely across the Globe, in majority of the cultures, ring finger is used to wear the engagement ring or the wedding band. It functions to resemble the creativity, beauty and certainly romantic relationships.

Pink Finger:

Mostly, wearing the ring on the pinky finger is just a style statement as it generally comes with artistic designs. People who fancy astrology often associate the pinky finger with mercury and wearing ring on it with intelligence.


4.When rings are too big?

    The answer to this question is quite simple. Any ring that can easily come off the finger is obviously too big. But what people seldom know is that a ring that can come off easily with just a little effort can also be considered a big ring. Hence to not lose the ring accidentally, one should look forward to a slightly tighter ring.


    5.Will rings fit after pregnancy?

      Pregnancy changes a lot in a woman’s body both internally and externally. Bloating is quite an apparent change one can experience. In this situation, the ring size you used to wear earlier will hardly be appropriate presently. Hence you either need to temporarily resize the ring or you need to take off the ring until it can fit again. In most of the cases, the body comes back to its former size but it may happen that you need to resize your ring permanently.

      6.Why rings are worn on the fourth finger?

        Thousands of years ago, a belief was propagated regarding the vein that connected the fourth finger straight up to the heart by the ancient Romans and Egyptians. This practice is prolonged till date by the majority of cultures. However a school of thought differs from this thought and has its own customs related to the ring and the ring finger.

        7.Which rings can’t be resized?

          There are a few rings that can’t be resized because of the delicate design on them which can’t be compromised. Rings having the metal Tungsten in them, Eternity rings and Milgrain or Ornate bands can’t be resized.

          8.Which rings can be resized?

            For any ring to be resized, primarily it should be made of a metal that the jeweler can work upon like gold, silver or platinum.

            9.How rings are resized?

              Resizing process depends upon the requirement of the customer, because the processes are different for enlargement and decrement of the rings. For the enlargement of the rings, the jeweler needs to add some metal to the ring or simply stretch it whereas for the decrement he/she needs to cuts out the stipulated part of the ring and join the two ends again.

              10.Can rings be made bigger?

                To enlarge a ring, the jeweler needs to deposit some more amount of metal to the ring. He first cuts the shank from a point, and then stretches the ring as per the requirement. Then he bridges the gap between the two endpoints with the same metal of correct measurements and lastly solders and polishes it.

                11.Who wear wedding rings on the right hand?

                  The practice of wearing the wedding rings on the right hand prevails in Northern and Eastern European countries like Denmark, Russia, Poland, Norway, Spain, Portugal and Greece.

                  12.Why ring turns fingers green?

                    Marginal parts of copper are also added to the ring made up of gold in order to increase the strength and durability of the rings as the gold is a softer metal. The green pigment observed on the fingers is due to a normal reaction caused by the rings.

                    13.Can rings cut off circulation?

                      There are certain cases where cut off in the blood circulation in the fingers is observed due to the undersized rings. Rings are to be purchased only after the surety of perfect fit. Undersized or too tight rings can interrupt the blood circulation in the finger. When conditions are worse and they do not come off with force, they can also be needed to cut.

                      14.Can rings cause eczema?

                        Eczema is majorly dependent upon the skin type. But it can also be the case that rashes are developed by the finger due to the reaction with nickel component of the ring or captured parts of soap or debris of the rings.

                        15.What if I don’t like the ring?

                          Here at Exotic Diamonds, we provide you with the time period in which we can resize your rings as per your requirement if you don’t like the present fi for free. Also, we provide the 30 days return policy under which you can have the replacement of the rings.  If the ring you choose later is expensive than the former then only you need to pay.


                          16.What metal should my ring be of?

                            Gold is generally the primary choice for the rings. As an alternative, silver and platinum are also very popular. Because of the varied range of colors like yellow gold and rose gold etc., gold is a popular choice.

                            17.What shall be done to protect the rings from dusting?

                              Thick and viscous creams or lotions can build up a residual layer on the ring that can affect the lustre of the ring. Hence it is advised to apply the crème/lotion with the ring removed. Remove the ring while you are cooking. Oils and vapours can highly affect the shining surface of the ring. While at the beach or swimming pool, to protect from the harsh salts and chlorine, it is advised to remove the ring. Working out is a lifestyle now a day and is not compromised on generally. If the ring is worn while working out then it is exposed to a considerable amount of sweat which is also not appropriate.

                              18.How often should I get my ring polished?

                                It is advised to get your ring polished from your jeweler twice a year if you are habituated of wearing the ring every day. We at the Exotic Diamonds have the dedicated jewelers who can polish your ring in minimum time and give it the shine as if it were new.

                                19.Should i wear my wedding ring in shower?

                                  Wearing ring in shower can be quite damaging for the rings. Because of the usage of the products like shampoo, soap, body wash and face wash contain several chemical can reduce the quality and shine of your ring. Also the froth formed due to it can be harmful for the ring.

                                  20.Is hand sanitizer bad for rings?

                                    Hand sanitizer constitutes of a mild alcohol component. This does not do any harm to the diamond if present in the ring but it can reduce the lustrous quality of the ring.  

                                    21.How to disinfect my engagement ring?

                                      The best ways to disinfect your ring is to make a solution of warm water and mild soap. You need to soak the ring in this solution for 30-40 minutes, brush it with a very soft toothbrush and then wash it under running water.

                                      22.Can I clean my ring with vinegar?

                                        Vinegar happens to be one of the most popular components for the solution wash the rings. Pour ½ cup of vinegar and 2 tablespoons of baking soda in it. Add some water and you have the solution ready for cleaning your ring.

                                        23.Should i sleep with the rings on?

                                          Sleeping with the rings on is not advisable because it is prone to develop scratches due to the friction cause between the surface of the ring and he bed sheet or blanket.

                                          24.Will any store clean my ring?

                                            Cleaning the rings is a common job which is generally done by all the stores. The thing to keep in mind is to choose the store you trust entirely. Exotic Diamonds is a trusted name in San Antonio having the highly professional and experienced jewelers which are suitable for your job.

                                            25.Does engagement rings need regular maintenance?

                                              Engagement rings are generally worn daily. They are exposed to several factors that can damage the ring. It is advised to wash the ring at home with the appropriate solution once every week and to get it polished from a jeweler twice a year for a regular shiny surface of your ring.

                                              26.How to choose the styles of the rings?

                                                There are several styles of rings available in the market. Style of the ring needs to be chosen according to the purpose. You can choose a delicate and beautiful Solitaire style for engagement eve and slightly flashier Estate rings for parties and Antique or Art Deco Style if you have fancy vintage art.

                                                27.Are Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings the same?

                                                  No, the wedding rings and the engagement rings are not the same. Engagement rings are given at the time when a couple decides to get married to each other and the wedding rings are exchanged at the wedding ceremony itself.

                                                  28.Are Wedding Rings supposed to match?

                                                    As per the customs prevailing in the past, wedding rings used to be made in sets to represent the eternal love for each other. But today this is not the case. In today’s scenario, individuals have the liberty to choose any designs or type of rings for themselves.

                                                    29.Will rings develop scratches?

                                                      Scratches may develop on the surface of the rings due to poorly monitored and rough usage of rings. You need to be very careful with your ring for its long lasting scratch-free surface. Working and sleeping with the rings on can really damage the surface of your ring.

                                                      30.Are rings bad for your fingers?

                                                        Rings are not at harmful if a few points are kept in mind. Using undersized rings can possibly affect the blood circulation in the fingers. If you have any allergy to metals then too you should refrain from wearing rings.