10 of the most Costliest rings in the world

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Oct 03 , 2020

10 of the most Costliest rings in the world

Women’s love for rings is eternal. Name a single woman who is not fond of wearing them. Not just women, men too are in love with them. Be it any occasion, rings rock everywhere. Even a simple platinum or silver ring adds glamour to your outfit. Rings add beauty to your hand. The charm and elegance provided by rings are unbeatable. They can not be compared to other ornaments. They can be seen in different styles and shapes. Gold, silver, diamond, platinum, copper and much more, rings can be crafted from almost any available metal. The values of rings hence matter from metal to metal.


When was the earliest ring found?

The traces of the earliest rings were found in tombs of ancient Egypt. They were first found by Egyptians. The seal rings of the Egyptians had the name and title of the owner embedded deeply in them. They were used mostly for decoration purposes by the Egyptians. During the Roman Empire i.e. by the 3 rd century AD, rules were laid down on who could wear the ring. The Romans then allowed only the first-class upper-division people to wear gold rings. Low-class people wearing rings were strictly prohibited. Especially the gold rings. It was the Romans only who originated the auspicious and worldwide popular custom of engagement rings. It was them who brought us this ritual which is
believed to bond two different souls together.
With time the strict norms of Romans regarding the rings slowly pushed down. There is no division of people now to wear rings. Everyone who can afford has the right to wear them. The rings have a diverse range of styles and shapes. Think of any shape and you can have it in your ring. These types of rings are mostly custom made. It wouldn’t be profitable to unevenly cut shapes and sizes without asking the customers after all. The rings can be as cheap as $2 to as expensive as $ 80 million.
Yes, you read it right, the ring can cost you a million dollars too. The price of the ring may have left you open-mouthed. Who would pay in millions for just a ring, right? Let me bring it to you the list of most expensive rings to date then. You will surely be astonished to know them.


10. The Blue Diamond Ring

It is the 10th most expensive ring in the world till now. Its cost is estimated at $10 Million. The diamond embedded in this wonderful ring is 6.01 carat. The shape of the diamond is one of the rarest ones. It has a cushion-shaped diamond that is surrounded by smaller pink diamond on both sides. Reading the look itself gives so much thrill, imagine having this. This exceptionally beautiful ring was sold to an anonymous bidder at a certain auction. The original price of this ring was $2.5 million. Almost 4times the price this ring was auctioned at. It’s unbelievably a massive ring and the platinum band that rounds the ring makes it even more starring.

9. The Vivid Pink ring

This ring has a 5-carat diamond in it. The cost of this ring is $11.8 million.Its diamond is extracted from a mine in South Africa. It’s known for its rare and wonderful exotic beauty. It has an infrequent shade of pink. A bidder at Christie 's in Hong Kong had the luck to get this in an open auction. It is remarkably sparkling and was termed the glittering star.

8. The Bulgaria Blue ring

Its cost is estimated at 15.7 million dollars. The big triangle shaped diamond adds to the beauty of this ring. The original price was $5 million but after a childless lady got her first baby, wearing this, it’s price got triple the original. It’s considered as a good omen for women who don’t have children. It originated in Rome in the 1970s, after that it came to North America.Another super specialty of this ring is that it has two diamonds in it. A 9.87- carat white diamond and a 10.95-carat blue diamond. One gaze at this ring will surely stun you.

7. The Chopard Blue Diamond ring

It costs $16.26 million. Its band has 18 carats white gold and its diamond is that of an oval shape. The band is extremely unique with small white diamonds stuck in it. The diamond in this ring has a rare shade of blue color due to the deposit of boron. Its color is bewildering with a combination of bright teal and aqua mine blue.

6 . The Vivid Yellow ring

Just as the name says, this ring is bright yellow. It is one of the biggest rings as it has a massive yellow diamond. To all those who love the yellow color, this yellow ring is a dream to have. Due to it’s astonishing features it’s also called the dream diamond ring. It looks like a daffodil if noticed properly. It was sold at Sotheby’s Geneva auction of Magnificent Jewels and Nobel jewels. It has 2 diamonds which combine more than 100 carats.

5. The Perfect Pink diamond ring

stands on the 6th number. Sold for a hefty amount of $23.2 million, this ring has a diamond which is of 14.23 carat. It was also sold at a Christie’s auction held in Hong Kong. This ring is nothing less than your fairy tale ring with a rectangle-shaped diamond of pink color.

4. With a cost of $28.8 million, The Winston Blue diamond ring

is an eye catcher. The diamond embedded in this ring is the largest flawless vivid blue diamond. It has made a world record with a 13.22-carat diamond. The shape of this diamond is as unique as the name, it’s of an almond shape. Its diamond is derived from South Africa. This ring is the only one that is named after a jeweler. It got it’s name from Harry Winston after he found it.

3. The Graff Pink diamond ring

It’s estimated cost is 46.2 million dollars. A 24.78-carat diamond is used in this ring. This jewel was again sold by the famous jeweler Harry Winston. Due to the open auction done, it was sold at a double the price.

2. The Wittelsbach diamond ring

is the 2nd most expensive ring worldwide. The price of this ring might shock you a little. It’s worth is a whopping $80 million. The diamond in this was discovered in the 17th century in the Kollur mine Guntur district of India. It has a strong deep blue color and is of 31.06 carats. It took two complete years for three experts to shape this diamond. It is said that this ring originally belonged to the Nawabs of Punjab. It’s owner is Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thami, father Emir of Qatar. It’s currently on display at the National
Museum of Natural History.


1. Securing the number one position we have The Pink Star diamond ring

This ring was sold at a staggering amount of $83 million. Due to its costly price many great personalities were not able to buy it. Today this ring belongs to the national treasure and no one owns it. This ring is now displayed at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong. Don’t be upset on seeing the prices of these rings. You can still buy affordable rings for yourself. Not every ring in this world is as expensive as them. That's why we at Exotic diamonds have rings for everyone. So chin up, and head to our store directly or order online but don’t let your love for the rings fade away.