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Sep 08 , 2020

Ring Styles




Traditionally styled rings are generally forged in Yellow Gold. This style is typically used to make the wedding bands for both Men and Women. These are some of the earliest kinds of rings whose origin can be traced back to ancient Egypt. This category includes the very popular Solitaire style.



Classic rings bear a resemblance to the Traditional style of rings. Most Classic style rings are delicate and have the diamonds and gemstones placed at a side unlike other kinds of rings. Owing to the thinness of its shank/stalk, a classic ring earns the tag of being delicate.


At least after 75 years since its manufacturing a ring can be called an Antique. Antique rings have a separate fan base when it comes to sale i.e. collection. Collectors often seek such rings and buy them wholeheartedly. As they are antiques, they come with older gemstones. Since there was an absence of modern machinery at the time of their manufacturing, antique rings portray a splendid artwork of the historical artisans of hand carvings and cutting.


Estate style of rings and jewelry are regarded as a very glamorous category. Generally the rings and necklaces of this class are very well studded with diamonds and other precious gemstones. This is the style people like to wear during cocktail parties and various other gatherings where the flashy side of theirs is at display.

Art Deco

Like the antiques, Art Deco rings also portray timeless beauty. They simply define the elegance and sophistication of the era of the early 19 th century. Basically, the Art Deco style deals with geometric designs. It has a comparatively thinner shank and a big head where the centre stone is placed



The Vintage Style, Antique and Art Deco rings more or less lie in the same orbit. Just like the antiques, the vintage rings also have the hand carved designs. Collectors and art critiques are always in an awe of such styles.