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Dec 07 , 2020



Is it your engagement time and you want to order a ring online, but you are not sure which size to buy? Or you are planning to buy an engagement ring for the love of your life? You won’t like it if the ring you buy is too loose or too tight to fit. If you want to get the right size of the ring in the first go itself, then this blog is for you. Here we will be giving you some awesome hacks to measure your ring size so that you don’t fail in finding the perfect size.

Finding the perfect ring itself is a difficult task to do, with so much variety in the design and style. If you are confused about which ring to buy then you can check out our blog Different Types of Engagement Rings. If you have already fixed a budget then you can check out our blog Best engagement ring under $1000 or Best engagement ring $5000.

Now the only difficult task that is remaining is to choose the right size so you can skip the awkward moment during the proposal and make it memorable for you and your lover. 

The primary measure of the ring is based on the inner circumference and not the outer rim. The measurement is further broken down into the whole and half sizes, which is useful for finding the right size.


Measurement of the ring

The measurement of the finger is done from the base of the finger, which is just above the knuckle. It would help if you keep the measurement below the first joint of the finger, as measured from the base. You can use this to measure the right size of the finger and hence order the right size accordingly. 


Ways to take the right measurement of the ring

There are various ways in which you can take the measurement of your finger and hence choose the ring accordingly. 


Measure using a yarn    

You can use a simple piece of string or yarn or, perhaps a more common item in your home like a thread or floss. Just wrap it around the base of your finger and mark the ends with the help of the marker, then stretch it out on a ruler and note down the reading in millimeters. It is believed that for every half size increased in the ring, the size of the thread increases by 0.4millimetres. For example, if we increase the ring size from 3 to 3.5 then the reading of the thread changes from 14 millimeters to 14.4 millimeters respectively. The only drawback of this method is that if the reading is not taken properly then the size of the ring will also become faulty.


Use a ring size guide 

You can use a ring sizing guide online and get a print out of it and measure the size with it. You just have to place your old ring on this chart and you will get the readings This technique is extremely accurate, and it is reliable. 


Buy your ring sizer

If you are someone, who has a craze for rings, and you often buy a lot of rings then you cannot miss this device. Get your ring sizer. It is a very cheap tool that does the job of measuring the size of your finger perfectly.


Use Another Ring

You can use another ring as a reference to get the exact size of your finger. 

If you want to surprise your partner with an engagement ring and are not sure about the size of your partner’s finger then it's always safe to take the ring size when your partner is sleeping This might sound a bit funny, but this can be for your golden opportunity to surprise her.


Take help of her/his friends and family

 If it's a surprise gift you can approach his/her close friends and family for this. They can help you get the ring size for you without making him/her suspicious. 


Take a guess

None of the above options worked for you, well the only option left is to fire shots in the dark. Take an average guess and it might be possible that your guess comes out to be correct.


Shop together

You can go for the ring shopping together, this destroys the surprise element, but you can get the right size without any problem. It can be an exciting trip, and there is no harm in that. You can purchase the ring which fits your lover perfectly fine, and you remain less stressed regarding the right size of the ring.


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