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Sep 08 , 2020

How to clean your engagement ring?

Engagement rings can be the most expensive yet the most significant piece of jewelry that you hold closest to your heart. Most jewelry is easy to maintain since it is not worn daily but when it comes to the engagement ring, one hardly takes it off. Which is why it is necessary to dust and clean your ring regularly, at least once a week. Hereby we have tried to guide you through the Engagement cleaning regime to take the doubts out of the picture. It is to be noted that the engagement rings can be of several different metals and compositions. But for all the rings one base line remains the same that never use any sharp object to pick out any dirt settled on the ring. Any minute wrongdoing in this practice can scratch the metal and even lead to the loosening or removal of the diamond. Do not use any kind of hard chemicals such as bleach and chlorine for cleaning your ring since that can affect the luster and color of the metal. Also refrain from using any sort of rough cloth or paper to dry your ring, because this can lead to fine scratching of the metal on the microscopic level.


It may go unnoticed but your daily activities can considerably affect the sparkle of your ring. For instance, bathing, washing utensils, working, gymming, cooking, etc. can leave a milky shade over the ring or its band. Considering that you wear your ring every day, you must wash it once a week. You can also get your ring cleaned by your jeweler as he may provide this as a free service at the time of purchase. Nonetheless, you should get your ring cleaned by your jeweler at least twice a year. Being a professional, a jeweler knows what he’s supposed to do and can easily discern what your ring needs. He can tend to your ring as per the prerequisite and get rid of the settled debris and build upon it. But be careful and keep in mind to check the prongs of your ring to ensure that your diamond is secure.
BONUS TIP: Many rings, when bought, come with a guarantee and warranty period which is inclusive of services like cleaning the ring. So, make things clear before you pay for the cleaning.




The most profound way of cleaning your ring, irrespective of its type is with water and some mild soap. Make a solution using the soap and water in a bowl. Soak your ring in this solution for 30-40 minutes. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush for cleaning the spots caused due to hairspray, vapor, pollution, dirt, etc. After this, rinse your ring under running warm water and you’ll be done. There are certain jewelry cleaning/polishing solutions available in the market which are quite effective and can be utilized for ring cleaning. Some daily usage items can also be used to make jewelry cleaning solutions for instance vinegar and baking soda mixture.


Of course! Men’s wedding bands should be treated just like all engagement rings, with care. But there are a few things you should keep in mind while cleaning a man’s wedding band. They can be soaked in the same solutions as the engagement rings but if the ring is of 14K yellow gold, then it is very likely to develop scratches easily. Hence, they should be frequently given to the jeweler for polishing, whereas platinum rings are comparatively more durable and can be washed at home.


Cleaning your ring is a good practice but here are a few daily routine activities which if kept in mind, can reduce the damage done to your ring.
1. Thick and viscous creams or lotions can build up a residual layer on the ring that can affect the luster of the ring. Hence, it is advised to apply the cream/lotion with the ring removed.
2. Remove the ring while you are cooking. Oils and vapors can highly affect the shining surface of the ring.
3. While at the beach or swimming pool, to protect from the harsh salts and chlorine, it is advised to remove the ring.
4. Working out is a lifestyle and can’t be compromised. If the ring is worn while working out then it is exposed to a considerable amount of sweat which is also not appropriate.
5. Whilst cleaning and washing dishes, the ring is prone to scratches and exposure to certain harsh detergents.