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Sep 08 , 2020

Evolution of Jewelry Trends in the Last 2 Decades.

Evolution of Jewelry Trends in the Last 2 Decades.

Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear. “Since ages jewelry has been considered the most prized possession by many. The history of jewelry dates back to 3000-400 BC; it has been a supreme part of society ever since. Jewelry has its root even before the history was written, which makes it even more interesting. Talking about the jewelry in early manhood, the use and way of styling jewelry was poles apart than it is now. Completely different from today, early men used shells, stones, woods and leaves to make Jewelry. Will you think of wearing them now? We all know the answer to that question. Of course, these jewelry were not as stunning as you see today, but let’s not ignore the fact that it’s only from there, the evolution of jewelry started. Making bangs and garland of flowers, leaves and stones in ancient times to wearing sparkling diamond earrings and necklaces today, jewelry trends have changed dramatically.

With the passage of early manhood people started to discover and try new ornaments. It was in 5000BC, when gold was first used in jewelry; it represented royalty and power . The purpose of jewelry was much easier then. They were worn only by people of high status. The casting of jewelry was limited to the use of gold which no doubt only the rich could afford. However, with the change in time all kinds of metals were used to cast jewelry. Now, people not only wear gold and silver but also wear artificial jewelry which is affordable to all.

The never settling trends of jewelry are amazing to watch . These trends keep getting better and better with each passing year . Every year brings a new wave of fashion. Clothing fashion may vary from nation to nation but it’s only the jewelry fashion which is universal. That’s probably one of the many reasons why people value jewelry more. Though this fashion has changed significantly since the 2000s . The use of jewelry has shifted more on beautifying the already beautiful ever since. The 200 was the year which gave women a more varied style in terms of jewelry. Large gold hoops earrings and 0layered necklaces were the showstopper back then. Women started playing more with colors and gave more definition to jewelry. Gold and silver still persisted but more different types of jewelry started making their base back then. The new millennia made an astonishing development in jewelry trends. Women got more inclined towards artificial and metal jewelry during the 2000s. They weren’t only seen in gold and silver but also were noticed in popping colors.

2001 was the year which brought to us the style of chunky bracelets. These huge, colorful and catchy bracelets never were this beautiful and amazing. The big beads added more fun to these bracelets. In 2002, pearls became the most essential jewelry. Outward hoops came in 2003 but were not much admired. Lariat necklaces and drop earrings came in 2004 and 2005 and are still in jewelry parlors ever since. 2006 was the year which gifted us the long beaded necklaces. It was a fashion statement back then and was used in various ways unlike the classic jewelry which could be worn only on specific occasions. The military inspired jewelry came in trend with the onset of 2007. Dangles and studs were highlighted in 2008 and 2009 . Then in 2010 came the trend of collar necklaces with fringes. Wooden beads and metal jewelry were also in demand this year. These jewelry were seen to revolve much around natural colors and textures. People started experimenting more with natural and pastel colors. It was with the onset of this decade, women started preferring artificial jewelry over gold and silver. Diamonds have always been an exception to the changing jewelry trends; they have always been all time favorites. Who doesn’t love sparkling jewelry anyways?

With the start of a new decade, bold cocktail rings became the trend setter. Celebrities wore these rings in almost every red carpet event. Tragus earrings which were worn on the little notch between the ear came in limelight in 2012. Long fang tooth pendants and criss cross jewelry were noticed in 2013 and
2014 when every other fashion influencer wore them. Next, was the trend of ear climbers which arrived in 2015 , and no doubt, they were fascinating. No surprise that they are still rocking the fashion. The unusual trend of mismatched earrings was brought in 2016 though they are long forgotten now. Crystal headbands, gold rings and geometric earrings became the jewelry trends of 2017 , 2018 and 2019 respectively.

It is said that the right fashion keeps on repeating itself. This year long hooped earrings and layered necklaces made a comeback. This year brought more nature inspired as well as minimalist jewelry. Lightweight and durable jewelry articles are now on the rage. Earlier people thought , the heavier the
jewelry, the more real, but these minimalist yet stylish jewelry have changed the whole concept. We also saw a mix of traditional and modern art. Statement chokers were a captivating delight in the spring and fall runways. It seemed as if chokers never lost their charm.

The prices of jewelry have always been sky high. Gold, silver and diamonds have been considered an investment for a very long time. Women all over the world are obsessed with jewelry collection for obvious reasons of course. It glorifies their beauty as well as boosts their self confidence.

Fashion and jewelry trends change every year. The trend you may live by now may or may not persist a month or a year later . Every year brings with it a new trend of one thing or the other but it has always been fun to see the newest trends each year. The jewelry trends, however, didn’t change the importance of gold; though artificial jewelry did overshadow it when it comes to day-to-day jewelry. No matter if some jewelry rates are high, people will keep on buying them as long as the satisfaction derived from them is greater than the money paid. Simple economics. Hold on to your excitement till the next trend sets in.