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Nov 27 , 2020




Men’s jewelry is not so common, but there are some good options for men to flaunt their fashion. There are different styles and designs for neck chains available for men. Jewelry for men has some barriers and requires a lot of sorting and searching before picking up the right piece. Chains are the types of jewelry that are not so easy to find. With some professional help, you can find your perfect neck chains that will suit your fashion and personality. 

That’s why we at Exotic diamonds have come up with a blog that will give you in-depth knowledge about different types of Neck chains that are available for men.

A guide for men’s neck chain is a distinct one from that of a woman's. A men’s style in jewelry is more subtle, and most men prefer to wear something minimal.

The pieces of jewelry are more to complement the whole outfit rather than something overwhelming to the style. The jewelry should naturally look good on the person wearing it. 

Some designs can be bright and shiny, while some of the styles can be light. Different people prefer different types of style, for example, some men enjoy the noticeable piece, and some men enjoy an unnoticeable piece of jewelry. 

Here is a list of the top five jewelry styles that men can wear according to their style preferences.


Dog Tags


Dog Tag is the most minimalistic type of jewelry. Usually worn by Soldiers these neck chains are much more than just jewelry. The main function of a dog tag is to identify the casualties and to have the basic information about the person wearing them. The raw dog tag is a simple type necklace with a blank steel plaque with a ball chain and some text written on it. 

In most countries, civilians are not allowed to wear a dog tag. However American civilians can wear dog tags as long as they don’t try to get any benefits from them.

Not everyone can join the military but you still can have a slight feeling of it by wearing these dog tags.




A simple chain is a classic piece of jewelry. This is a plain chain made up of bare metal but yet it is very beautiful and elegant. The straight-chain is created just by joining the metal links. These chains can be made from gold, silver, platinum, or even diamonds. The cost of the chains can be different for different metals by which the chain is created. 

The chains can have different lengths. The classic style consists of flat loops in it, that are interlinked to each other.

These chains can be worn with solid color T-shirts and with a suit as well. 

The type and the quality of metal used vary the sturdiness and the price of the chain. For more information about the different types of chains available in the market, you can also read our article - Your ultimate guide about buying the best gold chain.


Religious Emblems


Religious Emblems are sacred and usually worn in the name of faith. These necklaces are bare and unadorned. The most common necklace style included Christian crosses, scapulars, stars of David, and much more.

These types of necklaces should be worn respectfully. Usually, these types of chains are small in size and are typically metallic. Perfect for someone who is a theist, these kinds of jewelry should be worn with caution so that you don’t disrespect anyone’s sentiments. 





Pendants are small pieces of jewelry that are attached to a necklace by a small loop or link. There is a very common myth regarding Pendants, that these are only worn by women. However, there are a lot of pendants that are available for men too. Pendants are extremely popular and common these days for both genders. 

The metal which is used or the pendant can vary with the price and quality.





Many people think that Chokers is just women's jewelry but the astonishing fact here is that chokers have been worn by men for decades.  Are you a fan of solid bands? Something colorful and hippie? Then this is the type of jewelry you should buy for yourself. 

These types of chokers can be seen as more of a laid-back kind of jewelry. 

Chokers are no new jewelry, there have been various instances which give evidence that these chokers were a piece of common jewelry during old times.



Chain & Cords


Chain and cords are a mixture of two types of necklaces that can be worn by a man.

It can be made from different lengths and materials depending upon the choice of the individual. The chain material should be thin as well. There are various leather thongs, hemp and rope cord, and ribbons/colored thread which are used.


You can mix up the jewelry and try new styles according to your outfits. But owning

A great collection of the necklace is essential for men as it is for women. The search for the right necklace for a man is difficult but not impossible. With our Neck Chain buying guide for men, you will get a surface knowledge about the different types of chains available. If you still have some doubts and are unsure about which one to buy then you always have the option to directly come to Exotic diamonds in South park mall San Antonio and we will be assisting you with all your doubts.