Best Gold chain to buy under $2000

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Nov 17 , 2020

Best Gold chain to buy under $2000

Top 5 Gold Chain Under 2000 dollars

Gold Chains are the most -wanted style statements in the fashion industry. This jewelry looks amazing on a woman as well as a man. These articles have also recently gained popularity by their extensive use as hip-hop jewelry in the music industry and also for the apt representation of the pop world. Gold chains are the most beautiful and user-friendly jewelry one can own, the chain length as well as the thickness can differ according to the choice of the customer. Moreover, you also have the option to add a pendant in it to increase the beauty of the chain or you can simply wear it as a simple chain around the neck.

Now the big question here is How to choose the best Gold chain under your budget? So, we present you a personally curated list which has all the beautiful design and styles for each of your fashion cravings. You can easily select your choice of jewelry at a suitable price. Exotic Diamonds in San Antonio presents you with all the authentic golden chains with a variety of styles and that too under $2000. Choose your favorite chain and add it to your jewelry collection. Flaunt off your new Gold chain or gift it to your loved ones. We believe in serving you with the best customer service. You can visit our store in South Park mall in San Antonio or you can even order your gold chain online. Here are the top 5 golden chains under $2000:


1. 10K Yellow Gold 3MM Herringbone Design 16” Chain


This gold chain is very cheap and is best suited for someone who isn't looking for something expensive. Herringbone design is a classic design, it creates a perfect liquid effect. “V-shaped” style is weaved together to provide a continuous design. This chain provides a rich-look that goes with every outfit and it levels up your fashion game. This whole gold chain is made from 10K Yellow Gold and the length of the chain is 16 inches. 

Original Price- $400.00

Discounted Price: $225.00 



2. 10K Yellow Gold Semi-Solid 2.5MM Franco Chain



Want some extra bling in your gold chain, then this is the chain you should go for. Franco Chain provides a chic and trendy style. The design of the Franco chain is based on the curb pattern that is exclusively manufactured by Italian manufacturers. There is a fluid effect of “V-Design”. This chain has an interweaving effect which makes it extremely aesthetic and pleasing. If you are more into dazzling jewelry and want your fashion style to stand out then this is the best option to go for. This chain is made up of 10K yellow gold and the width of the chain is 2.5 millimeters thick. The silver highlights on the chain add more to the beauty of the chain.

Original Price- $715.00
Discounted Price: $405.00



3. 10K Yellow Gold 8MM 2 Row Rope Chain w/ Diamond Cuts



Do you like a jewelry with twists and turns and that also looks expensive and classy? Then this chain is the best available option for you. This design has two Row Rope chains which gives it the perfect look. This quirky design is made out of twisting effects. The chain is made from 10K yellow gold with stylish diamond cuts. Rope Chains deserves a special place in your jewelry collection and this piece won’t disappoint you. This beauty is originally priced at $1785. But at Exotic diamonds you get it at a

Original Price- $1785.00
Discounted price - $1000.00



4. 10K Yellow Gold Solid 2.5 MM Byzantine Chain



This piece of chain is a real representation of fine craft and expertise. If you enjoy fine details and design then this chain won’t disappoint you. The beautiful chain has a historic background. This chain has a beautiful drape design which makes this 10K Yellow Gold Byzantine chain ideal for everyday wear with or without a pendant. This particular piece is made with the utmost care and intricate skills. Byzantine Chain is an elegant chain piece that could add extra style to your pre-existing fashion.

Original Price- $2,775.00
Discounted Price: $1,495.000



5. 10K Solid Yellow Gold 4MM Moon Cut Chain


This piece of gold chain is the brightest of them all, and if you like fancy jewelry then you must consider buying this Moon Cut chain. This chain is ideal for daily wear and it showcases detailed craftsmanship. The chain is made up of 10K solid yellow gold and has a width of 4millimetres. Each ball on the chain is precisely cut and reflects full-shine that is why it is called Moon Cut Chain. If you are looking for something different yet lightweight and casual then this should be your good to go gold chain.

Original Price- $3,125.00
Discounted Price: $1,690.00



Exotic Diamonds have a wide variety of fashion jewelry that can cater to the needs of all. We strive hard to offer the best customer service and our customer testimonials are proof of the same. We offer various payment methods including easy EMI options. We appreciate your time and value your hard-earned money and for the same reason, we want you to invest it in the right jewelry so that you can fully enjoy the experience of purchasing jewelry.

You can visit our retail store in person in San Antonio, Texas for different types of fashion and traditional jewelry or you can directly visit our website by clicking here.

Select your favorite neck chains and you can even get it customized according to your needs. At Exotic Diamonds, we guarantee you that you will have a hassle-free service with great assistance. Don’t worry everything we sell here is 100% authentic and real.

Exotic Diamond is a prominent player in the jewelry industry. This list is specially created so you can maximize the choices and style that our store has to offer. We offer great choices in the gold chain with different width and length and at your desired price. So, you can own your gold chain at an affordable price. We also come up with monthly offers and discounts.

You can head to the counter directly and inquire about our ongoing offers. Come on and let’s together make your jewelry buying experience hassle-free and memorable.