Simran Distvar

Mar 18 , 2024



Don’t we all love those perfect early days of transitioning from fall to winter when a sweater can take us from morning to night (no jacket required)?

While wearing your favorite sweaters on repeat is only natural in the cold months, styling them can feel like a daunting task. Not only do you want to avoid the snag of looking monotonous but you also want to crack that perfect accessory and sweater combination.

Bestie, let us tell you that there’s a method to it. A method that ensures you break out of the style rut and breathe new life into your much-loved turtlenecks or cable-knit sweaters! With the perfect winter fine jewelry (read knitwear-friendly sparklers), there is no way you’ll want to shy away from your favorite necklaces and earrings larger than studs.

Ready to step up your style game this fall/winter? Glow on and decode the right jewelry to wear with sweaters.

1. Turtleneck Sweaters With Statement Earrings and Bracelet

As the months get colder, our jewelry style should get bolder.

The high neckline and long sleeves of turtleneck sweaters provide ample opportunity to show off your accessories. A pair of statement earrings and a tennis bracelet is just what you’ll need to dress up your turtlenecks in a flash. While the statement earrings will add a neck-lengthening effect, a tennis bracelet will infuse the perfect amount of sparkle into your outfit.

We like to call this knits and notice-me jewelry winter staple the perfect next-level wardrobe pairing.

2. V-Neck Sweaters With Dainty Gemstone Pendant Necklaces

The best part about V-neck sweaters? You get to stay warm and still show off a little bit of neck. Since the neckline is the highlight of this sweater style anyway, it’s best to keep it in focus with a delicate yet striking gemstone necklace. They’ll make you look put-together whilst adding a pop of color to your overall look. Alternately, if you’re feeling fancy or need to look dressier for a night out on the town, you can layer a couple of pendant necklaces together. Apart from being fun and trendy, the added bling will elevate the look of your V-neck sweaters in no time!

3. Crew-Neck Sweaters With Drop Earrings and Trendy Rings

Raise your hands if you love to substitute your tops with crew-neck sweaters during the cold weather months!

Turn to long drop earrings to jazz up the look of your casual crew-neck sweaters. Not only will they make you look festive but also bring out that femininity. What’s more, a crew-neck sweater with a little pearlcore is a total eye candy for women who appreciate an ultra-cool style. For something more on the elegant end, complete this look with a skirt, a hair bun and a pair of beige suede pumps.

4. Cable-Knit Sweaters With Hoop Earrings and Layered Bracelets

Chunky, stylish and warm all at once, cable knit sweaters are perfect for those chilly winter days when all you want to do is get cozy with a coffee and a book. Since these sweaters are bulky, your best bet would be to choose pieces that match the bulkiness of these sweaters. Think hoop earrings and stackable wrist candies to add oomph to your sweater and legging outfit. While hoop earrings can make a statement on their own, the bracelet can be layered with your favorite watch to get your cozy yet stylish look on point.

5. Cowl-Neck Sweaters With Stud Earrings and Cocktail Rings

Equal parts boho and chic, cowl-neck sweaters have one of the most distinct necklines. Therefore, when it comes to accessorizing them, you want to choose jewelry pieces that emphasize the cowl neckline.

We suggest skipping necklaces altogether with this sweater style as they would get lost among the layers of fabric around the neck. Instead, get yourself a pair of stud earrings with subtle bling. And if you want to channel utmost glam (you know you do), don’t forget to accentuate your OOTD with an opulent cocktail ring.

We hope you found these tips helpful and are ready to ace the sweater weather in style. So, which of these sweater jewelry combos will you try out first? Let us know in the comments below.

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