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Sep 10 , 2020

Texas Rappers

Who’s got the best “ice” in the rap game

We’ve all heard artists bragging about their jewelry from time to time, but have you ever wondered whose wrist is actually “freezing”? With every new video on World Star Hip-hop featuring a Rolex and a Bentley, the bars have certainly risen, and only a few are able to make the cut. Here’s a small list of hip-hoppers who are above the ordinary.

1. Post Malone



Austin Richard Post, needless to say, is one of the finest artists of his generation. Malone is recognized worldwide by his iconic vocal style and his introspective songwriting. This 25-year-old rockstar has gained acclaim for molding hip-hop with grunge, country, and R&B. Starting his career in 2015, with his first hit "White Inversion", he's constantly breaking records with his music. You can never see Post Malone lacking whether it be on stage or in public, he's got the charm and charisma to add with his sick jewels. In an interview with GQ, Austin showed his insane jewelry collection and unveiled his "hobo with a Rolex" personality. His love for watches doesn't end at Rolex, rather, it begins from a Rolex and ends at his stunning one million dollar Richard Millie made by grade 5 titanium with a skull integrated with the timepiece. 

Post Malone is certainly a watch guy but he also invests in some extravagant rings for himself, but not much on chains. If you want to feel like posty you must check out Exoticdiamondsa.com, a premium jewelry store in San Antonio, Texas, they’ve got some fire watches, even the ones on Austin’s collection, and many beautiful ring designs to choose from. 

(Richard Millie Score Asia Edition)

Moving on with the list, on the second spot we have.

2.Travis Scott



If we are talking about jewels we simply can’t ignore this musical genius. Jacques Berman Webster II makes music which simply can’t be described as hip hop, it’s much more than that.Travis attended the University of Texas, San Antonio before dropping out his sophomore year to fully pursue his music career and boy he was right to do so, gradually he built up his name and a loyal fan base, and now owns an empire worth 60 million dollars.

 His fanbase is aware of the fact that Travis adores necklaces, and to be honest big and heavy chains suit his personality quite well. Custom jeweler Eliantte & Co. had celebrated his Astroworld tour with a convoluted chain. The thing which makes him stand apart is his fusion jewelry and of course his astronomical chain collection.

Made by Eliantte & Co.

 3.Ugly God


Royce Rodrigues better known as Ugly God is an internet celebrity, record producer, and a rapper. He is best known for his single “Water” which came out in the year 2016 and was on number 80 on the billboard hot 100. The 22-year-old has an impressive net worth of 2.7 million dollars and most of it is spent on, you guessed it, jewelry. Royce is more into teeth grills and constantly flexes them in his music videos. In an interview with Vlad TV he admitted to wearing fake gold chains but since then he has made his chain game stronger.   With some crazy grills and some "not so blingy" chains on, he stands out of the crowd. 


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